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I'm new to this, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestion as to what my wife and I should wear to the ceremony? My son is graduating on Friday 10/24.

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Our family plans to dress as formal as possible. This is a big day for our sailors and it is a show of respect for the occasion.

I like it Rik !

Just want to reiterate that PIR is a Formal Military Ceremony and it is conducted as such.  While I saw (and continue to see on the Livestream broadcasts) everything from jeans with hunting caps to three-piece suits, I think it is befitting to show respect for the tradition and history of the Navy and those in attendance by wearing something appropriate.  As I had posted before, for both of my PIRs I wore a sport coat and tie with slacks----accessorizing this year might have included a parka, mittens, and dog sled!!!!!

Just want to add one more thing- you will be siting in bleachers, so consider that before you go and get out the Armani suit!!!!

Business casual works well. That is what most will be wearing!!!!

Everybody says anything is ok to wear.  Most of these posts refer to cold weather.  My daughters PIR is 8/22/14.  I am sure we will be looking at temps in the 80's.  Are nice shorts and a polo acceptable.  I am not opposed to casual slacks and a polo but a few hours in that sun and I would be wilting.  Don't want to draw attention or embarras my daughter though she knows all I wear is short when allowable. Good hot weather is just what I need so when I am crying I can say it is just sweat.  Proud father.

The drill hall tends to be cool.....the A/C works well in other words. I've seen everything worn from jeans to three-piece's up to you naturally, but the Navy considers PIR a formal military event. I wore slacks and a sport coat but that's how I roll.........

Right now that is my dilemma. I want my son to know it is his accomplishment that we are celebrating but I was given advice about wearing it that has made me feel as though I should. Also, the seating will be better anyway. Being a retired officer, I did get the opportunity to perform his enlistment ceremony anyway.

OK, I am retired Army (SGM E-9) would my dress blues be ok or so I ask my grandson who is graduating in January?

Hello everyone,
My son will be graduating March 11th, we are coming from Colorado, what would be the most appropriate attire? Has the dress code changed?

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