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My son graduated BC 5/22/15 and is now in Pensacola for A school. He told me I can send him his belongings which includes a flat screen tv and playstation. Can anyone tell me the most reliable and least expensive way to ship these to him? Thanks

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My daughter is in boot camp right now and also headed for A school in Pensacola.  I am trying to find out what her schedule will be after PIR.  I understand that she has at least the rest of the Friday to spend with family. Do those graduating BC head for Pensacola on Saturday or Sunday?  Morning, afternoon or evening.  I am trying to figure out mine and my wife's schedule as well.



PS. The most reliable way to ship will not be the least expensive.  The best luck I have had when sending delicate items, it to take it to a pack and ship store and pay them to pack it and then insure it.  It is more expensive, but they pack it REALLY well.  If you want to pack it yourself, USPS Priority insured is probably your best bet.

My son graduated last year on a Friday and lifted off from O'Hare bound for Pensacola shortly after midnight Saturday morning.

My son was only able to stay with us until 1900 hrs. He was taken to the airport at 0030 hrs and did not fly out until 1700 on Saturday. We did get to stay with him at the airport until he left. We drove 14 hours from Maryland to see him graduate. Even though we only saw him for that short period of time it was worth it. Also he told me that he will be in Pensacola for a month and a half before he even starts school. His rate is ATI. Hope this answers some of your questions.

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