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Does Red Cross tell your Son about the Death or do they have him call home? I don't want him to leave. Which I know he won't. But I don't want someone else telling him. We just lost his Great Grandmother.

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Scott - Sorry to hear about the passing of your sailor's Great Grandmother. My condolences to you and your family.

Here is the protocol for Emergency Messages:

Emergency Messages via Red Cross


In the event of an emergency within the sailor’s family, where you feel the sailor must be notified and considered for Emergency Leave, you must notify the American Red Cross through the national headquarters in Washington, DC (1-877-272-7337) or via their website Circumstances falling in this category include critical injury or illness, birth, and death. The Red Cross requires two types of information to send Special Messages: 1) Service member Identification – Use the Red Cross Notification form to keep this information at hand. It includes the sailor’s complete identifying information such as name, Social Security Number, the unit, ship or boat, etc. 2) Situation Information – Use the Special Messages forms link (or found below) to have this information when you contact the Red Cross. It includes the facts of a situation, so the Red Cross can verify the emergency and a complete picture can be conveyed to the sailor. Even though it may go against what our emotions will be telling us to do, DON'T TRY TO SEND EMERGENCY NEWS DIRECTLY TO A SUBMARINER. All messages are reviewed for just this kind of content. Any information which is considered upsetting or harmful will not be given to the sailor. The command will wait until official notification comes from the Red Cross and then use protocols for handling it. On a sub, it's easier for one person to jeopardize the entire crew, so keeping morale safe is paramount. Email privileges can be taken from an entire boat because one relative abuses them. Please handle things through the proper channels. Granting of Emergency Leave depends on the recommendation of the Red Cross, the current operational commitment of the ship, and the availability of adequate transportation. The key point to identify to the Red Cross is why the serviceman’s presence is needed. Commands can take no action on Emergency Leave without a Red Cross report of a situation. Special Messages are normally sent only when the situation involves a member of the immediate family of the sailor or sailor’s spouse. These are defined in the Naval Military Personnel Manual as father, mother, person standing in loco parentis (i.e. person who raised the sailor), spouse, children, brother, sister, or only living relative.

Situation Information Forms

The following information is generally required for Special Messages pertaining to births, deaths, and serious illness/injury:


Who is calling: ____________________Relation: _____________Phone number: ___________ To whom is message being sent: _______________­­­­­­­­­___________________________________ Service member attached to: full name of boat & crew color Wife’s name: ___________________________________________________________________ Baby’s Name: ____________________ Baby’s Sex: M / F Baby’s Weight: ____lbs. ___ oz. Baby’s Length: ______________ Hair Color: _________ Eye Color: ___________ Time of Birth: _________ Date of Birth: _____________ Place of Birth: _________________ Hospital Phone Number: _________________ Information Verified With: _________________ Condition of Baby (Good, unless medical complications):_______________________________ Condition of Mother (Good, unless medical complications): _____________________________


Who is calling: ____________________Relation: _____________Phone number: ___________ To whom is message being sent: _______________­­­­­­­­­___________________________________ Service member attached to: full name of boat & crew color Name of deceased: _________________________________________________ Age: ______ Relationship of deceased to service member: ________________________________________ Place of death (city/state):________________________________________________________ Hospital taken to: __________________________ Hospital phone number: _______________ Date/Time of death: ________________________ Cause of death: ______________________ Date of funeral: ______________ Funeral Home: _________________ Phone: ___________ Burial to take place at: ______________________________ Date of burial: _______________ Immediate family in area (support available): _________________________________________ Relationship: __________________________________________________________________


Who is calling: ____________________Relation: _____________Phone number: ___________ To whom is message being sent: _______________­­­­­­­­­___________________________________ Service member attached to: full name of boat & crew color Name of patient: ___________________________________________________ Age: ______ Relationship of patient to service member: __________________________________________ Has the patient or the patient’s next of kin authorized release of info to the member: yes / no Place of illness (location of hospital or other): _________________ Phone number: _________ Name of doctor: _________________________ Phone number: _________________________ Condition: ______________________________ Prognosis: ____________________________ Hospital admission time and date: _________________________________________________ Expected length of hospitalization: ________________________________________________ If this message concerns a service member’s wife, indicate who is caring for children, if any.

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