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My son is beginning his third week of boot camp.  He called Saturday evening and said he wanted to quit.  He lost his classification failing the physical to work on a Sub, which was not a huge disappointment as he was having second thoughts, so I don't know where that leaves him.  He told us that Navy life is not for him and he is ready to come home.  My wife and I emplored him to stick it out, send daily encouragements and pray that he pulls through as boot camp is the best thing for him now.  We asked him to give it his all for the next two weeks, seek out the chaplain and career counselor and to pray.  I don't see any good in him dropping out.  Is it even possible?  Will they pull him through it?

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It will get better for him, my guess is he's homesick. But for him to just up and quit - thats not going to happen. The only way he could do that is if he had a medical condition that would prevent him from continuing.My son went in and you could hear it in his voice the first time he called home from Bootcamp he said he made a mistake in joining the Navy. I told him that he can not judge weather he made a mistake because he has not been in the Navy long enough to know. Well about 6 weeks into bootcamp he was starting to like it and then he went to his "A" school for his job training and now he is at Sub-School in Groton,Conn. and he is loving every minute of it.

Good luck to your Sailor and tell him it will get better every week.

My son also is in the third week ship 11 div 284. I understand that he went in with one thing in mind, but should open up his mind that there other things to do in the Navy. I'm sure he signed up to do this. He needs to make the best of this.  It will help him and the rest of his ship to rethink things. Get through this and the time he has left. He made a big commitment and needs to go through the process. I know for my son its the best thing for him. He will come out a better man then the boy he went in as. The DI'S know every type of person coming through, they will know how to get him in line with the program. Lots of different types of people go through there every day. Good luck with him. I know you and your wife wants the best for your young man. Hopefully he goes all the way through to graduation and continue on with his service. If he gives it a chance I wouldn;t be suprised if he reuped to do more time in the Navy. Again good luck to you and yours....

Hi Timothy, I have a colleague whose husband just finished serving 6 years in NavySpec Ops (SWCC).  He loved 5 years and 10months of it, but certainly not boot camp. She saved his letters and they read them recently after getting settled into their new home.  I don't know what he wrote but it wasn't warm and fuzzy things about boot camp.  Whatever it was, they laugh about it now.

My son graduated July 11.  We didn't know it at the time but he went through culture shock and second guessing during the first week.  By the time we heard from him he was beginning to adjust.  By the time PIR came he had grown an inch, but he had grown even more internally.  The first one to greet him was his grandfather(a Navy Vet). The smile on my son's face when they shook hands was priceless!

Some people adjust to boot camp faster than others.  My colleague's husband never really did adjust to it and it still turned out fine.

Things will get better.  It may not be as soon as the next letter or phone call but it will happen eventually.

Best wishes to your family and son!

Good news!  Typical that the recruits first experience a sense of homesickness and then self-doubt.  As they are challenged and they see they can rise to the demands, both physical and mental, they start to acquire a real sense of self-achievement....

Great to hear!

That's great news Timothy.  Just keep sending him encouraging letters and soon this will all be a distant memory!  Let him know we are all supporting him.

Glad to hear your Sailor is doing good!!!  You know I can remember when I was in Bootcamp many,many years ago,them first couple of weeks where tough,being homesick. But it gets better.

And once he gets out of bootcamp he can have a cell phone. And then he can stay more in contact with you and his freinds which will make things alot more comfortable and better for him.

PIR will be hear before you know it.

Good Luck to the young man.

From all I have read they will do all they can to pass him. My sons first letter home made me cry like a baby, but each one since has beamed with confidence. I did not serve and can't imagine how tough it is. I will make sure I say a prayer for him tonight. No matter what you have a lot to be proud of!

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