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My son leaves for boot camp tuesday the 14th of june and its killing me!!!!!!!!!!

My son leaves for boot on the 14th of June and its really , tearing me apart.I thought i could handle it but i cant stop crying . Since I droped him off at his moms tonight.I have`nt stopped crying because he will be gone 3 months the we see him at graduation then off to a1 schooling for 6 to 9 months . Me and my son have`nt seen eye to eye on everything . But I can tell  you this he is my great son and if anything ever happened to him I don`t know what i would do.Will this get any easier as time goes on or am i gonna b on edge 24/7. i will always worry bout my son i love him more than he will ever know . I will be spending a few more hours mon the 13th  before he leaves the 14th but  to leave him at the hotel ,knowing that will b the last time for at least 3 months. I think i might go crazy . he only lived 15 min from me , and could call or text anytime but now i wont be able to so any advice that will help keep a father sain till we see each other again .I think he picked the NAVY, because his grandfather lied about his age to get in but got caught , later he was sent home with a honorable discharge .So it would`nt mess his enlisting chances up. So please anyone that can help me please do I would appreciate it so much!

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Wow, the heart of a true father!! Be strong and stay strong, the next 8 weeks are going to be tough because of the mistery of not knowing much about the progress of your son from your son, but in this page you will find the comfort to hold together..that's what happened to  Keep yourself busy, brag a lot about your son and PRAY!!..He needs your prayers and trust me in 8 weeks you will see a new man in him.  Hooyah!
Tony, my youngest son left for the Air Force last year and my wife and I were beside ourselves until we saw him at graduation from BMT. It will get better once you hear from him, which usually takes a few weeks. I think mostly we just want our kids to be happy, safe and to know that they are getting along OK. Once you hear that he is OK and is happy it will begin to ease up. My oldest son left for the Navy the week before yours did and this time it is much easier, because we have been through it before. Don't think of him as being gone forever, he isn't, he is just growing up. Write to him, be positive to him, and support him, and when you see him at graduation you will be so proud that the hurt will go away.
Tony--how is it going?  One week down...not really that much time left when you start to look at it that way!!!

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