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By now most have heard about the changes the Navy is making to the ratings system.

Hope to be able to update everyone with the plan as it unfolds.....

I'll start with this image...kinda explains the plan but does not have implementation dates but does give a rough timeline.

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You are correct Sammy. After the rank and file voiced their opinion...the whole idea was sent to Davey Jones Locker!

Sammy Payne said:

I have heard that this idea has been scrapped. It was just a PC push from a liberal administration.

I think Trump nixed this and they are staying with what they have.

My son last called me on June 6th stating he arrived at boot camp and would write me in a week and could call in 3 weeks. Its been two weeks and I may be a little anxious but I haven't received a letter. I really just want to hear from him. I trust that he is ok (he hasn't been sent home) But a letter from him would most definitely ease my anxiety. Is this normal? 

Yes, you will probably get the letter soon. Remember the saying, no news is good news! This is a great place to ask questions, good luck to your SR and I hope you can make it to PIR when that time comes.

Thank you so much...I've read the guide but just purchased Honor Courage & Commitment. Reading calms me so this will calm me and give me more info. Thank you again. I wouldn't miss PIR for all the stars in the sky! 

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