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New to this, my girlfreind is in boot camp and i want to learn more.

My name is Cody, Im new to the navy but not the military. My brother has served in the marine core so I understand what it means and understand why and when people leave I get it all. So my girlfriend arrived at RTC on may 27th 2015. Ive been researching and doing my homework since she left, and while waiting for the address for her ship, i wrote a very long letter that took me little over week almost 2 weeks to write because her parents were not getting answers from her recruiter about the new address but they got the fourm letter with all her info cause they received "the box" a week prior to getting the the letter from her. That next day my letter and card went into the mail, so that was Tuesday the 8th of June 2015. To me these past few weeks have been hard but i kept my head up and kept her in my thoughts all day long. I had been saying some prays at night before ive been going to bed cause ive been doing my math correct and i hadn't received any letters from her but no matter what i sent one every day this past week, I wrote in one of the letters my cell phone and saying if by any chance you can call home and you cant get a hold of anyone i will answer my phone, thinking it will be an in US number. So saturday rolls around and i work for a service dept for a dealership was almost done picking up and putting away my tools. I get this weird phone number that looked out of county and i didnt answer it. once it went to voice mail my phone decoded it and said IL, and the voice mail came was her. In the voice mail she said she was trying to call her parents but nothing and sound like she wanted to cry and said she would try again. So 2 minutes go by and I myself wanted to breakdown (im not affriad to cry we are all human) and my phone rang again with the coded phone number, i answered and it was her and I started tearing up. She is doing good and got my letter on firday and she had a very bad day on firday and saturday, but was reading my letter and she said she was cry the whole time cause she forgot who she was and how fast things changed but i was in her head the whole time too, but she was so upset that her parents didnt pick the phone up when she called and i wasnt neither (but it was the number that threw me off) we talked for about 5 minutes could of been longer but she wanted to try her mom one more time and ive been supported this whole time and i let her go, to me family is first. we said our I love you's and just like that she was gone again. Im being very supportive about this im not scarred about long distance, plus it was her idea she wanted to keep the relationship going, which to me was the best thing to hear after she told me she was going into the navy. I did not try to stop her once I told her GO FOR IT and well figure it out as we go along, lets get threw boot camp and school

I just had some questions that im looking for answers.

One being was the phone call pure luck or did they work hard to earn it? Should i expect more calls i was thinking of sending more stamps and another calling card (never know)?

Another being shes going to Become a nuke, and she will be in school over a year when will she be able to come home after RTC? We live in California. Can i fly out to spend time with her on the base?

Where can i go to learn more about her job?

She told me her recuiter said because she is going nuke she has to be stationed on US and there were only 3 places. San Deigo, Washington, and South Carolina does anyone know if thats true?

If she is close to home after school we were talking about living together how does that work? can i live on base? but she wants to live off base and if so how far can she live off base?

Is there anyone else out there in my same place? where the girl leaves for service and the guy is at home? Everyone i know just looked at me and questioned me on it but we want to make it work and i dont wanna stop her for pursing her dreams i sometimes wish i met her before she DEP in.

Please anything postive helps!

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Unfortunately I won't be able to make the PIR, I am having throat surgery the Monday before her graduation, doctors will not allow to fly. She was stuck in p days an extra week which set her graduation back, she was suppose to have PIR the week before but thanks to there planning I won't be able to make it which kills me on the inside. She knows how important and how much I need the surgery and I told her over the the phone that the week of her graduation I'm off work cause of it and she said really and got excited. I also told her I'm off the week after her PIR, and I talked to a few friends in the Navy and after boot camp they were givin a chance to take 5 days of liberty and fly home for those 5 days than fly to A school because A school wasn't ready for them. I did contact her mom about the weird phone numbers and to keep an eye out for them. Even though my girlfriend told me that she was ok on the calling card I'm going to send her another one just in case

Hey Cody - our son is a nuke so I can help you a little on that.  Your GF will be going to South Carolina right after boot camp.  She'll do both A school and Power School there and then Prototype is in either South Carolina or Ballston Spa, NY.  The amount of time from BC to proto grad is right about 2 years (give or take a month).  Most do get some leave after completing A school - our son got almost 10 days.  We also live in CA & when our son graduated A school we went back for the graduation - spent a few days with him & then he & a few of his friends drove to FL for a mini vacation.  After Power School grad our son had leave again (it happened to coincide with Christmas holiday stand down).  He came home for a visit but also had to use that time to move from SC to NY.  When he graduated prototype we went back to NY for the graduation and he flew home with us since he had 30 days leave.  He didn't stay the whole time because he had to report to his ship in VA.  He got his apartment & got all settled in about a week before he had to report.

You will be able to visit your GF during schooling, but she probably won't have a lot of time.  They are in class ALL day and then they have mandatory study hours. Most try to take off Friday evenings & Saturday to unwind but are back in study on Sundays.

If you are married she can live off base - otherwise they all live on base for A school & power school.  They all move off base for prototype (whether married or not).

You should join the nuke group - there's more info on there.....If I can answer any other questions just let me know.

Good luck to your GF and to you too!  (you sound like a good supportive guy - she'll need lots of encouragement - stay positive for her!)

Thanks to the both of you guys, ive been trying to find a friendly site to ask question about what im going through right now. It just seems like im the only one going through my situation. A lot of people have said man something isnt right you should be leaving not her. Its her choice, i know what my calling is and she needed to find it. Ive been writing to her almost everyday, write at night and have it in the mail in morning on my lunch break from work. It rocks having the post office down the street. You said your son had to report to his ship. What does that mean? What ive been told prior is that she gets her station and than goes on the ship for deployment, and i say that because a close friend of mine just came off a 10 month deployment on ship and is now in San Diego full time and he is not a nuke. He married his wife before leaving which is what i wanna do to and i hope she is on board with it. Im staying positive for her and supportive, this is a big thing for as well is power school. I also figure if we are still together threw all of this i know its going to be a long a difficult road but there is no one else I myself wanna spend and do it with is her. Really we wanna everyone we know to stop being negative about us being together. People keep saying oh she wont have time for me and wanna find some else, but i also know my GF's secrets and shes a smart girl and when she is set on something she is set. She doesnt jumo around and I know power school is going to be just as hard as boot camp and her being reconnected with tech like her computer and cell phone were going to try and skype at night and talk as much as possible during the day seems how she is 3 hours ahead when she is in SC. Right now i write my letters and try to keep her head up, cause she said they were hiding mail call on them and she just had the worse day on Friday till my letters came in, and she said she was ready to quit and come home. My letters made a big impact on her. She said she forgot who she was and was crying through the letter and it started when the first thing she saw when she opened it was a picture of me and her. I also did it on purpose because looking at photos of her made me snap out of the little hole i was in for 2 weeks, and the phone call. I got a phone call before a letter that blew my mind out of the water and getting to hear her voice knowing shes alive and well made my heart beat different. It felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my chest. I will join that nuke page. Thanks guys for the support I like the website you guys have its awesome

nah- you're not the only one that has gone thru this....we have several members that were boyfriend/girlfriend or just'll survive!  You have to remember the nuke track is very demanding and very tough--- best think you can do is offer support and realize she'll have priorities to establish and that at times you will not be at the top of that priority's the way goes!

Haha that's funny Jim, I'm coming on to the sushi but it's her favorite, she could get used to eating it everyday, not going to
Lie I've always wanted to travel to Japan, just flights are so dam expensive. She was telling me she couldn't be stationed off U.S. soil cause of the one job she took. She told me I just can't remember at this time. So hopefully my prays get answered like they have been, just not the way she wanted them to. I just think about her every second of everyday and I'm being very patient and supported about it. I tell her in every letter about 10 times on how proud I am of her. Paul I understand the Nuke traning is going to be hard for her and she knows it too. She's always been one to take a challenge like that and hit it head on and come out big. I also understand that I won't be at the top of her list on priorities, because we both know in the end it's going to work it's self out, just not in the way some people think it will. My mom been doubting me on keeping the relationship going and my dad him self is being supportive, I just think cause my brother is serving the reacted a little different. I know once she's out of RTC, everything can just go up from there. I fee like I'm on a low part in my life and I bet she feels lower but after hearing her voice about my letters it brought the girl that I know and love back and it gave her a different out look on what's going on. All my letters have been from 2 to 4 pages long to her about random stuff that goes on at home and at work. Which it how she wanted it and how i told her I was going to write to her, so it's as if she never left as if she is still there by my side. Just not physically of course. I believe her becoming a nuke might save our relationship the most because she won't be out she'll be in front of her computer studying with me trying to help as much as I possibly can. Yes I am planning to fly out when she's in either A school or power school to try and send a long weekend with her, maybe play some golf while I'm out there while she's in school 2 things I don't have a problem with. I know there's a reason we're fighting threw this what it is I don't know yet time will only tell. Just been looking for a group that's supportive and like I said before I have found it. She told me she wanted the long distance and I'm the only person she would consider doing it with, I've never had a real relationship with anyone, and when I first met her I showed her how much fun I can be and was just myself and we both hit it off. I hate to say it were like the same person just im the guy and she is the girl. I also believe that there is a reason why we are still together after a very shot time and her leaving for RTC. When we get closer to her PIR date the more questions I may have. It just sucks that I won't be there to see her on her graduation day cause of my throat surgery but I'm planning to watch it online and wait for her phone call.

Cody, While you GF is in Nuclear Power School, think very carefully before visiting her.  In general terms, they jam a four year college degree in nuclear engineering into your head in six months.  She WON"T have time for you then and you visiting could be a distraction that could hurt her academically.  That is the time that you will have to be VERY understanding and supportive.  Life with a service member as a significant other is very challenging, but can also lead to a bright future.  I wish you and your GF the very best and hope things work out well for the two of you.

Jim she'll be there for over a year I'll be there for full support to her. I've been doing my homework and she's aloud to take time off. Plus she will be home for holiday time I have a year to plan out even if she's in school. I'm going to support her the whole way threw it

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