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My son was picked up by his recruiter on Sunday 10/16/2013. That was not a hard day for me as I was going to watch him swear in the following day and I could see him at that point.


I arrived about 9 am on monday at MEPS in hopes of getting a few minutes here and there to talk with him and help keep him at ease with the process. My wife has been on the verge of loosing it for 2 days now.


We did get to speak to him a few times and eat lunch with him. Then out of nowhere he was called out to the back and the next time we seen him was on his wait out to the bus to leave for the airport. This broke our heart watching him leave. Mom had her breakdown and myself along with her.


We received 2 more texts as he waited to board the plain andthen all was silent till 11 pm last night that we got our 30 secound call from him with the specific wording of what was to be told with an I love you at the end.


I find myself this morning just sitting here not knowing what to do with myself or how to react or what is next. I joined this site last night to help me through this process. Jake is my step son, but I have raised him since he was 4 and I dont see him that way. He is my true son that I love with all my heart. Just having a bit of a hard time today.


Thanks for this site being here....



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I'd like to add one thing, I know everyone here wants to encourage you, but (and this is just my opinion) telling a new parent how many phone calls you received from your SR can be downright maddening. Other than the phone calls home to get more information, there really is little rhyme nor reason as to why some SR's get them and others don't. It is purely on the whim of the RDC. So PLEASE, do not read anything into the phone calls home. When our son was in basic, one of the parents was coming on board regularly to brag about all the phone calls they were getting from their daughter and all the letters they were receiving. In the meantime, I got one call in the beginning, one at the halfway mark, and one saying he had made it, and one letter (my son just is not the communicative type), and it was tearing me up.  

I know we are all here to help one another, but it can be tough enough without some parents making you more concerned because your SR isn't keeping up with theirs, or so you think. 

For what it's worth, we had another parent in my son's sister division who kept stating, on the board, that their division was doing great, but my son's division were a bunch of screw ups and getting in trouble. As it turned out, it was just the opposite and my son's division barely missed being a HOF division. 

I guess what I'm saying is, don't read too much into what you read here and stick to that no news is good news theory. It will keep you sane. 

I know what you mean Brad. Our son is a very logical person and does not think on an emotional level about things. Our son moved out for 3 months after graduating before leaving for basic just to see what it felt like to be on his own. In this time we had to make all contact as he was busy with work and friends. We sent him with phone cards and with stamps along with addresses in hopes that if he does get a moment to think of us that he will use some of the tools. Otherwise we know that he is in good hands and that he is very focused on every detail on his end. We hope for calls, but expect the basic ones. We know he loves us, but he is not the person to show it. "very logical side" Today his box will be delivered by fedex as I missed it yesterday. This is a good thing for us.


Thanks Brad

Rich, I'd love to tell you it will change with your son, and it may, but some kids are just not wired that way. Even now, he's in Bahrain, and the only contact we have is via e-mail, and by that I mean, we send one to him, and get one word answers in response. 

I love the thought that it's because he is "logical". YEAH, that's the ticket! He's too logical to think to call his parents. Actually, the only day he calls is on my birthday, and that's just because it happens to fall on his ship out date so he remembers it. 

On the other hand, he comes home whenever he can, and I have to fight him to let me pay for his airline tickets. I don't want him to ever have a reason for not coming home. Although, an airline ticket from Bahrain may make me gulp a bit. 

Anyway, I digress.

This sounds so much like our He is a great kid. I am sure that he will look forward to home. We plan on making trips to see him while he is in "A" school and make sure that there is no reason for him not to make it home, "as you do".  "Logical" is the only way I can discribe our son, as that is the way all his decisions go. For instance, Joining the Navy, he did not want to leave his family and friends, but he knows he will never get the education, Training, and opotunities he can in the military. This was his driving force logically. We are very happy and proud of his decision to become a NUK.... Hope he can handle the stress of the schooling and such.

Ahhhhh, ok, well that's where we differ. Our son had an academic scholarship offer, but didn't want to go to school any more. Then, when they wanted him to go NUKE, he turned it down because he wanted to be a SEAL.

Our son seems to look at two options, then pick whatever seems the most difficult for him. Wish I could say he was logical, but since I rarely if ever understand the choices he makes, I can't really be sure. Although, I must admit, the Navy seems to be a good place for him.

And I'm not complaining about him. He really is a great kid in every way. Just confusing as heck to me.

Good luck to your son at Nuke school as well. From what I hear, it is very challenging.  

IC, our son is looking at finally being challenged in school and being able to work at a much faster pace as he has always been bored with school waiting on others before he could move forward. He basically has a photograpic memory and can recall all kinds of useless I hate to say it, but it is hard for us to conversate as he is way above my head and hard for us to conversate. lol.... Like you, not sure on how he comes with some of his choices...but it his to make...


Give a huge thanks to your son for his new journey and what he is doing for his country. It takes all different kinds of minds to make our militaries complete and that is what makes us a country to be reconed with.

Well Rich's son must have graduated by now. I wonder how Rich is doing. 

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