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My son is deployed and his Great-Grandmother passed away today. I know about the Red Cross and notifications ..... He stays in contact every three to four days via email. I don't know what to do. It's his first deployment and don't want him to get bad news while he is away and feel helpless and more homesick than he may. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.                

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I recommend letting him know by message and later when you talk. My Daughter is stationed in Rota Spain. I had the unfortuneate task of bringing her home back in February. She was able to get home in time to tell her Mom goodbye before her mom passed away. I feel you will regret holding back the truth. Most kids have matured very well in service. there also is a lot of support services they can utilize to help deal with the situation.


I am sorry to hear about the loss in your family. My prayers are with you and your family during this time.



Thanks for the advice, I was able to have his ship contacted and he was notified in person instead of reading it in an email. The gave him permission to use the phone from the ship and we were able to talk to him. My biggest problem was putting more worries on him and making feel like crap by not been here with us. He sounded good and I'm happy I he was notified by his ship personal.

Once again thank you        

I was deployed and in Norway when I was told that my brother had died. That was back in 1980 so no cell phones ect. The embassy paid for my trip back. If I was out to sea I am not sure how it would have ended. The Red Cross is the best way besides contacting the base commander/public relations where the ship is homported.

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