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This list is rapidly growing (HooYah) and now may be a good time to remind not only the newcomers but all of us about certain Navy security issues. Many Navy dads, family members and friends are new to the Navy (or perhaps the military in general) and should keep in mind something the Navy refers to as Operations Security (OPSEC). As proud parents of our sailors, we want to let the world know of their accomplishments as well as our immense pride in them. Sometimes we get so excited about our sons or daughters Navy life we can't wait to share the news. This is when we need to be reminded of OPSEC. The following information is given out on the Family Readiness Group from the public website of the USS Truman (CVN-75) and stresses points we all need to follow:

"....rumors will fly about the ships schedule. The command is committed to keeping Sailors and families informed and getting schedule updates to you as soon as practical. Flexibility is the key. Navy schedules do change but the command will keep its crew and families informed. The best way for family members to keep informed is to attend the Family Readiness Group meetings every month and to avoid listening to or spreading rumors. The command will only release official schedule updates so why rely on rumors and hearsay?

With the knowledge of the ship’s schedule we must all remember Operations Security (OPSEC) in order to guard this information and protect our Sailors from those who may use schedule information for harmful purposes. Schedule information should NEVER go in an e-mail, over the phone, posted on websites, discussed in public or on Facebook, Twitter etc. PROTECT SCHEDULE information.

Listed below are the OPSEC rules, remember they keep our loved ones safe.

OPSEC Rules:

• Don’t discuss future destinations or ports of call

• Don’t discuss future operations, exercises or missions (including Family Day Cruises)

• Don’t discuss dates and times of when we will be in port or conducting exercises

• Don’t discuss readiness issues and numbers

• Don’t discuss specific training equipment or lack thereof

• Don’t speculate about future operations

• Don’t spread rumors about current, future, or past operations or movements

• Don’t discuss deployment or homecoming dates

• Don’t assume the enemy is not trying to collect information; they always are

• Don't discuss Security Procedures, movements, or arms

• Be smart, use your head, and always think OPSEC when using email, phone, chat rooms and message boards. There is no guarantee that a chat room or forum described as 'military' has any security for transmitting information or restricting membership to military personnel and their families only


OPSEC is ship or operations specific and doesn't have anything to do with your sailors accomplishments in boot camp, “A” or “C” schools or rate increases or any other info that is personal in nature. Take pride in your sailor and share it with us all!! This is a great open forum that we have and in order to keep it that way we need to remember OPSEC. Basically, just remember this: if the information is shared on a public Navy website or newspaper, then it's ok to post and discuss that information on Navy Dads. When operational information comes directly to us from our sailors that is when we need to apply the OPSEC rules.


Not to diminish the importance of OPSEC, but you will remember this:

Do you like OPSEC and ham?
I do not get it, Sam I am.
I do not get OPSEC and ham.
We must use it here and there.
We must use it everywhere.
You CAN share it in a car.
But you CANNOT in a bar.
You CANNOT share it in a text.
You CANNOT share it at the NEX.
You CAN say it in your house.
But should NOT tell a random spouse.
You CAN say it in the shower.
But do NOT go sharing at happy hour.
DON'T make the Ombudsman sweat.
DON'T post it on the internet.
You CANNOT share it in a tweet.
That would not be very sweet.
Beware of Facebook and Myspace too.
It's tempting to let your feelings through.
You Cannot tell it to a friend.
NOT even at the very end.
It is a privilege to know a date.
DON'T tell ANYONE or they may be late!
Oh, I get it, Sam I am.
Now I get OPSEC and ham!
I will not tell anyone. I will keep hushed until they're done!
I will not tell him or her. I will not tell my dog with fur.
I will not tell my child's teacher. I will not tell any creature.
Thank you, THANK YOU, Sam I am.
Thank you for clearing up OPSEC and Ham!!!

New Navy OPSEC App is Out!



Below is a link to a PDF presentation from the NAVY regarding OPSEC and the use of social media......




View more presentations from Naval OPSEC
Updated Jan 2015

Targets OMBUDSMEN but is good information for us all

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Passwords have become such a pain anymore....if not for a password manager (I use Norton) I'd be sunk !

Michael J Conway said:

As a practicing cyber security professional, I appreciate you putting this out here for those new to OPSEC and for those of us that have been around it for a long time and need a reminder.  The only thing I would change on here is the last bit on passwords.  Over the last 20 years or so, we have gotten really good at teaching people how to make passwords really hard to remember.  Because of that, guidance from organizations such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have been updated.  How-to-Geek has a greet post on how to create a "strong" password.  

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