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Can someone point me to information that better explains how Push divisions work?

My wife talked with my son today, who says he was taken from in-processing at medical and pushed forward in training.  He was then taken from that division and pushed forward a second time - before he had been on the base a full week.  It didn't end well.  He's now at ship 5 waiting for separation. 

The Navy has only allowed 2 short phone calls so far, and it is clear they are still over his shoulder while he is speaking, so it's difficult to understand what happened...

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maybe someone else can chime in as I'e never heard the term "Double Push"

as far as PUSH divisions;

Thanks for the info on push divisions

Sorry to hear that Charles. Something doesn't sound right to me. You might want to look around in this group.

Hi Charles,  My daughter entered BC in Nov 2016.....but your son's situation brought to mind another BC recruit who entered around late Dec....if I am recalling correctly...the last week of Dec/first week of Jan....most divisions are so-called push divisions due to limited entries at the holiday going to 2 push divisions may simply mean he was sent according to division numerical need.  Am I making sense?   All requirements/6 week limit re BC... remain the same....but the requirements have been tighten since think last summer.  I belong to a military group which sends letters/cards etc to Recruits and know the # of recruits being sent to Seps within the first couple weeks has been on the increase.  You need to find out why your son was sent to Seps....he is entitled to an appeal.  Hope helps a little,  Susan

We got some clarification - he was NOT double pushed.

He was grabbed very shortly after arriving and put into a push division.  That group was then joined by some other recruits.

About a week in, he had an anxiety attack and was sent to the hospital.  He was there about 4 days. It took a while to transfer him back to the base, because they were having historically cold temperatures that week.

When he is back home - in 3 to 4 weeks, I'll post a description of his experience at Ship 5 (over in the Ship 5 group).



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