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Good day to each of you. Glad I've found this site.

My son, Jared, left for RTC on the 30th and arrived safely that evening.

While I can't even to begin how proud of him I am I feel a bit selfish for missing him so much. I'm always wondering what he's doing. This is the first time that his Mom nor I cannot communicate with him. We know he's safe and being taken care of.

Jared is an amazing young man. He was lucky that this is the very first time whereas the Navy is allowing Navy Reserve Recruits to contract for Navy Diver. After Boot camp he will stay in Great lakes for 7 weeks of Navy Diver Prep and then onto Navy Dive A School in Panama city, Fl for about 14 weeks.

Prior to joining Jared was involved with other local members of SPECop recruits for working out, training in the water (YMCA) and being lead by an active duty Chief. Both his mom, step-dad and I were amazed at what shape he was in when he left. He has a clear goal and I know him, he'll achive it.

So, I bet each one of you know the feeling of wondering what your child is doing "right now". I'm glad I've found this site.

Thanks and let me know if your child is in Jared's ship and/or Div.


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Tom we received our call around 1640 EST. He said he had the availability to talk on the phone for 60 minutes then they were going to be allowed to get something to eat other than the chow hall.

Got the call. Thanks tons guys.
Are the divisions with the high numbers spec ops? I'm trying to figure out why each PIR seems to have one division with a much number than all the others.??????

800-series divisions are SEAL, EOD, SO divisions and 900-series divisions are the performing divisions - drill, flags, band, choir, etc.

Harvey:  Just to shed some additional light on your question, the reason for the 800 Division, which encompasses Navy Diver (ND), Special Warfare Combatant Crewman (SWCC), Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), SEAL (SO), and Aviation Rescue Swimmer (AIRR), is because prior to the creation of the 800 Division, these candidates found themselves getting out of shape during boot camp.  They would then go on to their respective physically rigorous A-Schools finding themselves behind the curve.  Accordingly, the Navy created the 800 Division which incorporates physical training in addition to the standard RTC training (referred to as Dive-Motivation training).  With respect to the 900 Division, they must undergo drill and ceremony training in addition to the standard RTC training.  It is really quite amazing to see them perform during Pass-in-Review as one would think they had been training together for the better part of a year.  I hope you find this information helpful.



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