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Today marks the week since my son left for boot camp and miss him like crazy but knowing that he is doing something so great gives me more peace and strength to keep going and me strong for his little brother. The BOX came today, but I would like to receive the letter first so I can start sending him mail. Any idea when can I expect that? Thank you all and God please bless and keep our boys and girls strong and safe.

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should arrive any day now.....write your letters and send them when you have his address....suggest numbering them so he can read them in the order you wrote them!

My son's box arrived today, as well.  I thought through reading other posts on this site that some type of form letter was supposed to accompany the contents of the box?  Believe me, I ransacked all his stuff.  I found copies of his MEPS paperwork, his clothes, stubs & receipts from his flight back to Great Lakes, and even his watch - but no letter indicating what ship & division he has been assigned to.  I was most disappointed that along with all of this stuff was the stationery and stamps that he brought with him (and we ensured that it wasn't too big).  Is this somewhat normal?  Are they required to write on specific stationery?  And, of course - anyone know anything about when we might get the form letter - or other letter re: where he's assigned so we can start mailing him letters?  Thanks all...

The letter comes by separate mail- patience

...around 10 days for the Form letter to arrive....

My grandson flew out to Chicago on 4/14 and I received his box on that Friday the 17th via Fedex. The form letter arrived Thu the 23rd. Since receiving the form letter I have written a letter and put it in the mail, and immediately started a letter for the next day. PIR is in June and can't wait to see the change in him. I found this site yesterday and I am overjoyed with all the good information.

Today marks two weeks since he left and still no letter :( Really why is it taking this long ????

I believe your son is on same schedule as my grandson, graduation 6/12/15. From what I have read, do not expect mail to come before 3rd week. I would expect it next Tue or Wed. It has to do with their heavy schedule the 1st 2 weeks, and not having time to write until Sunday when they have time to rest. They say not to expect more than a few letters during boot camp because of the schedule. Being raised in the 21st century, most of them are not accustomed to snail mail, and may not be aware of anything coming in a mailbox but mags, fliers and bills. My grandson will get an awakening at mail call because I have been writing every day since getting form letter. Rest assured, the reason is that they are working hard.

Tihana Barisic said:

Today marks two weeks since he left and still no letter :( Really why is it taking this long ????

I am waiting on a form letter, and it looks like you got yours in 9 days I still never got mine (14 days today). This is what is driving me crazy, I can't send him any letters yet cause I still don't have an address.

Let me throw this out on that then. Possibility is that since he arrived on site on 16th, and my grandson arrived on 14th is that the divisions for that week divisions were already set. That being the case you would get form letter today or maybe tomorrow. I read that recruits coming in late in week may be in for 9 weeks. So look for form letter in next day or so and see if that is the reason. Hang in there, if anything was wrong you would receive a phone call.

OMG it is here !!!! the form letter came today, his graduation date is Jun so so happy. Thank you so much for your support

My son's form letter came today, as well, and his PIR is also scheduled for June 19th.  Were thankful we finally have the date and can make reservations, etc, along with being able to send letters to him finally.  Thanks to all for your support.

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