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I am preparing for TC 2013.

My friend wanted to go along but it seems he is unable to due to item F on the official application. "Blood thinners"

Does anyone have an opinion if there is a way to appeal this with a well written doctors note? My friend is 57 and most likely in better shape than I.




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Don C Douglas Jr. said:

I have returned my medical form and waiting for clearance.  This is my first TC and am very excited to see my sons and the ship!  Any idea when medical approval will be relayed back to us?  I plan on arriving two or three days early to get a chance to see some of Hawaii.  Never been there.  When we pull into San Diego I get to fly straight to Boston so I can meet my wife in Groton for our other son's graduation from sub school.  Going to be a fun and busy two weeks!

Did you have anything unusual on your form, ie a supplemental DR report?


I was approved 2 weeks ago and had a supplemental Dr. report. Maybe your Sailor did not turn it in yet or on time. Ask the Sailor.


Same here on the hotel. I plan to fly in early and tour the AZ memorial w my son. Then I hope to take him out for a very nice dinner somewhere.


My son is an FC2 on CIWS. He is 6 foot seven, I am six foot ten. See everyone on board.

I got the form on Feb 22 and turned it in about 4 days later.  My son seems to be getting all the info later or at least gets it to me later!  Nothing on my form that should bounce me out, no problems, no past history of anything.  I just got all the TC details from him a couple of days ago so I have some time.  But would like to get my tickets and reservations taken care of quickly.  Absolutely looking forward to seeing the kid, having dinner, sightseeing and finding some local breweries if possible.  Here in Colorado we have a habit of going to many of the 130+ microbreweries and would like to try the Hawaii counterparts.


I am looking for hotel suggestions as well. Nearer the ship&base. Don't want to rent a car unless I have to.

Seems a cab should do. And I don't think the words Hawaii and cheap run in the same sentence.


What is your sons rate?

MM3 Nuc

Hey there other experience Hawaii Tigers,

What hotel did you select?

Do we cab or shuttle to the hotel or are there any USO Ops helping with transportation?

Can we walk from the hotel to the ship?


See you on board.


Awesome!! If they let you tour HIS workspace please look me up!

I have a ton of questions to ask also.

Don C Douglas Jr. said:

MM3 Nuc

Oh Tigers don't get to go near that workspace!  What does your kid do?


Waikiki Gateway Hotel

As recommended by another Tiger, +$400/night!

Maybe if my wife was there, but I am not booking a room here.

Don C Douglas Jr. said:

Oh Tigers don't get to go near that workspace!  What does your kid do?

So what do you do when he is at work?

I got to go to work every day with my son.

He is a Fire Control Man, E5 and PO2/SW

He works CIWS, Phallanx, Port side aft.


I will be assigned to some other sailor and get to see what they do.  Will still be fun but less time with my son.

Very well then. Say hi when you see us. My son is six seven and I am six ten and will be wearing my Stennis hat from last years cruise.

Modern Marvels has a show on Stennis nOW



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