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I have been approved for a Tiger cruise happening in a few weeks. I've been given only limited information from my sailor and Navy so far. From the Navy I got a packing list. From my sailor I have vague information when they will be arriving and leaving port. I have a hotel booked, but from my limited information I may need to book an additional night or two. I also need to know how I get access to the base. Is that on a shuttle bus? Should I be expecting any more detailed info from the Navy, or am I just to wing it once I get to the port I am meeting the ship at?

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info gonna be sketchy at best...for my cruise we met at the USO and rode buses to the base....that was in Mayport and things may work totally differently at other bases.....finally my sailor set an email with details and instructions - keep bugging him for details but remember he is limited by OPSEC to what he can send via email......plan to be flexible!

We got an application that was in a thick packet of info including itinerary and where to be at what time. We didn't depart from a base, just a dock in San Fran, so I dont really have base specific info. Pack lightly is my best advice, I had to lug my bag up all sorts of stairs and walkways and I regretted having a heavy bag every step of the way. 


I met my son in 2011 when the Carl Vinson docked in Hawaii.  The cruise was finalized 4 weeks and 4 days out so if you haven't heard solid dates yet, their schedule may still be in flux.

Enjoy the cruise, it's a once in a life time experience that you will never forget.

I don't know which port you're leaving from but I believe the following is generic enough to help out.

You may have received quite a bit of information from the ship's captain and/or squadron ombudsman. That information will not include embarkation and debarkation.  

Here is what the 2011 Carl Vinson cruise suggested for approved tigers.  

If you do not already have the Tiger Cruise dates, you will need to get that information from your Sailor/Sponsor. Due to Operational Security (OPSEC) we are not able to give the dates over the phone,email, fax, etc. Because the information is time sensitive, your sailor can email or call you and give you the dates in code. Such as- Grandma Martha’s birthday, plus 3 months, minus the number of dogs we have from the day (or something like that).

At this time embarkation will begin at 8am the morning prior to departure.That may get moved to an earlier time, but that is what it is set at for now.The ship will be at Pearl Harbor. The airport code is HNL. There will be shuttles available from the airport to the ship for those arriving the day before departure. Those plans are still being finalized,and that information will be made available as soon aswe receive it. It is strongly recommended that all Tigers check onboard the night prior to the ship’s departure. Tigers may sleep onboard the night prior to departure. The exact departure time has not been determined yet. By being onboard the night prior to the ship’s departure, it will guarantee that you do not miss “Ship’s Movement”. 

Thanks for the response all. This is very helpful. I was being careful in my original request, but it's probably OK to say I will be leaving from Pearl Harbor. The other thing I do know is that my sailor is in charge of the armory on his destroyer. He is pulling strings to make sure I get to fire the .50 cal! It's gonna be some fun!


Sounds like you are on the same Tiger cruise as me. We will be picked up at the Airport USO on departure morning.

This is a message from my son on Monday...

Your rental car, are you going to drop that off in the morning at the airport on the XXth, since that’s where I imagine you’ll be picking it up from?  The ship is picking Tigers up from the USO at the airport and taking them to the ship that morning, in the event you weren’t aware.  So far, we are going to be on time for Hawaii…actually pulling in a few hours earlier!

Good intel, Fredrick. Thanks much and maybe we will get a chance to meet.

Just got a call from my son. They are currently on schedule and I already have my rack assignment, a middle rack I'm switching with my son and he goes to the top. Too old to climb to the top :-) and he said the lower racks are only good when coming back late from a port visit, you can just roll in. Told him to pull some strings so I can fire the 50cal as well. He said there are other weapons we might get to fire as well.

Note, the checklist does not list a jacket but the ship is air conditioned all the time and it will most likely get cold on deck as we near the mainland. Looks like we can board the ship the night before departure as well. 

...and bathrobes are for women and bring rubber flipflops for the shower. :-)

...after re-reading the last post I don't think the "bathrobes are for women" came out the way I intended.

I asked my son if I really needed to bring a bathrobe. He said he does not have one and maybe that was meant for women to wear in their area. :-)

no worries Fredrick....remember you will have little space available for storage....pack carefully and with thought!

Hi Fredrick and Todd, I am headed that way myself to meet my sailor. Things so far have been pretty straight forward with only minor suprizes. Hopefully I will be able to see them come in to port. If things work out hope to meet you gentlemen on board.

For those heading on the trip, I just got word from my sailor that I should plan on being cool in the rack. It got down to 50 degrees last night. 

It appears that the TR will do a TC in Nov 2015. I am trying to get the dates to purchase one way plane tickets. After not seeing my son for 8 months this cruise should be epic! Please email me at mjphoto45 at yahoo if others are planning to attend so we can meet up.

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