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My son is due to graduate BC on 10/15 and off to Pensacola on 10/17.  We'd like to fly down to see him first weekend in November.  Does anyone know if visitation is allowed?  Will he get liberty?  If we can't go now will he be able to come home for Thanksgiving?


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This is only affecting Aircrew school 

Hey Jeff my son just sent me a video of your Don playing the guitar and them singing a song. Really cool! We’re heading out tomorrow evening,back to Pensacola for Thanksgiving.



I hope you enjoyed your time down there.  I saw the video as well.  What are the odds that we meet on this board and it turns out our two kids are friends and in similar programs?  Did you get an update on if / when they will be coming home for Christmas? 

I know that is crazy about them hanging out. The rumors are they are trying hard to make sure they get to go on leave for Christmas. The 18th was mentioned,but nothing for sure right now. There was a lot of families there for Thanksgiving,everyone seemed to be keeping their distance. I would think they would let them know something by the end of the week.

Got the word last night that they are getting leave from late 12/18 - 12/29.  My son is coming home on 12/19 as there are no flights to Boston late enough on 12/18.

Yes sir!! We got the news last night. I’m gonna go on a road trip and get him and he will drive back. I won’t even have to stop at the visitors station either. When we visited over Thanksgiving the guy gave me a pass until Christmas Day. I’m so glad they are giving them leave they deserve it.

Great, we can't wait to have him home again.  I'm sure you as well.  Who knows when they'll be able to come home again so we should enjoy it.

Picked my son up at the airport Saturday night.  It sure is great to have him home.  I hear the Tabor household got a surprise as well, based on the video I saw.  Happy holiday's

That is great news. When I picked up Cole it was good to see all the happy faces going on leave. I hope you all have a great Christmas. We ended up giving a friend of Coles a ride back with us, he left for bootcamp with Cole. Saved that young man a little money and he’s getting married this weekend. I believe they all will quarantine when they get back but a least they have their phones and tv. The Navy made a great decision rewarding theses sailors,they deserve their time off.

Hello out there.

I see that NAS Pensacola is at defcon Charlie.  Does anyone know if that means no one can visit fi we can get on base can we take our sons off base for the day?


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