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My son graduated his Military Field Training as a HC at Camp Lejeune on Friday, May 11.  Immediately after graduation, he was told to vacate the barracks with all his belongings.  He is supposed to report to his medical facility in Norfolk May 16.  Where is he supposed to live for 5 days?  When he called about his transportation arrangements, the woman at the other end said something to the effect that there was no record of his transportation requirements/needs.  So, I flew him back to South Florida to spend a few days with his mom and I at my expense.  I now have to buy him a ticket to Norfolk ($300).  Doesn't the Navy pay for any of his transportation?  How do I get reimbursed?  And I was very surprised to learn from my son just how much all the HC trainees had to pay for uniforms and field gear.  Someone please enlighten me here.....

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I can only go from my memory from four years ago. When my son finished his A School in Pensacola the Navy gave him a week of R&R before heading to his next duty station which was the USS Ronald Reagan in San Diego, CA. I know the Navy paid my sons transportation. He had a couple of options. They would by his plane ticket for him to fly from Mississippi where we live to SD or he could drive his own vehicle to SD. I believe they paid him a thousand dollars for him to make the drive. My wife and son drove to California together for that one last road trip and then she flew home on our dime.


Your son should have a number or some one to contact about this question. I also believe you won't be reimbursed for the plane ticket you've already paid for. I'm not sure though? Hopefully others can add a more updated answer than what I have.


I was also surprised when I learned my son had to pay for all his uniforms during boot camp. You would think these items would be issued to them by the Navy, free of charge.

Sounds like the navy has changed a lot....I didn't think they'd be charging them for uniforms like that. Is your son telling you this??

The Navy will indeed pay for his field gear.  It should have been issued instead of purchased.  He needs to address the issue with his chain of command.  FMF (Fleet Marine Force) HM's (Hospital Corpsman) usually get their USMC gear issued to them at their first USMC base.  If he purchased his gear instead, he should be able to get reimbursed, provided he has the receipts!

Also, as far as transportation goes, it sounds like he just didn't talk to the right individual.  I am assuming he has a set of hard copy orders that list his final Permanent Duty Station (PDS).  He can take those orders to any military base travel section of the personnel department, (PSD on Navy bases) and get airline tickets issued.  In lieu of that, he can provide his own travel and then file a claim on the backend to get reimbursed (there are limitations of course).

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