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Anyone have a son in this group?

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I have a son in Ship 04 Div 808. Happy New Year! How is your son doing? Have you recieved any phone calls or letters? My son has been there for three weeks tomorrow, no calls yet, but got a couple of letters. Seems to be in good spirits and excited for his future as a Sailor.


My son is on Ship 14 DIV 102.  Has anyone received the "I'm a Sailor" call? I understand xxxxxxxxxxxxxx done with BS21. 

My son is Ship 14 DIV 101 and supposed to graduate on Feb 9 ninth as well, and we haven't received a phone call yet either.  Sitting by the phone.


My wife has been getting more information through NavyforMoms.  It appears that xxxxxxxxx were the first 4 divisions to go through and all the calls came in yesterday morning.  I suspect the next group of 4 were xxxxxxx (that would have been xxxx night through xxxxxx).  If logic follows the next group to BS21 tonight could be xxxxxxxx.  Very likely we will both get a call tomorrow.  We have our phones charged at 100% all times waiting for the call.


Division numbers and days have been redacted. 

Thanks for the information  



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