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My sailor graduates from A school on 06 May and FINALLY got his orders. Home for 12 days, then off to San Diego to the USS Lake Erie! Very proud and excited for him!

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Congrats to your Sailor and your family.....Our son is in Norfolk/Portsmouth VA while the USS Abraham Lincoln's overhaul continues......Housing has been interesting for him; he now has his personal vehicle and that has helped him get around.  Thankfully, he has behaved.....I pray that he continues to do so......When the Lincoln is finished, it will head to San Diego, also - its home port.  Best wishes to your son and your family ~ Pat

Thank You, Patrick! How long is it projected to be before the overhaul is completed? We have a friend who is an ABH2 (I believe on the Reagan?) in Norfolk. He really likes it there, but is anxious for the two more years to pass for his move to San Diego. Best wishes to your son, and hopefully he will remain squared away and keep moving forward. Best wishes for his proud Navy family as well! Patrick A. on who is replying........  I guess we should not be surprised if it as least another year.....  Be well ~ Pat



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