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I'm not sure what we'll have to share here but thought it might be a good idea to start something anyway.  My son is a 292 and has been assigned to Team 2 in Virginia Beach where he just recently arrived. His initial impressions are positive. He's enthusiastic and looking forward for the real work to begin.  As much fun as we had visiting Coronado, it's good to have him back on the east coast "in spitting distance".  My wife and I are obviously concerned about his impending first deployment, as I'm sure many of you are as well.  Not much we can say about that other than that our fingers and toes will be crossed and our candles lit.

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RyeJim, first of all congrats to your son for raising to the challenge to join this special group of men,  and Congrats to you for raising such an amazing young man and warrior.  (I would like to be added if possible to the group although normally I don't post often. Just had a minute on the computer and wanted to check in)

Don't be surprised if he talks about somewhat of a let down now.  When you think of it, it makes sense.  They  have been operating a such a high level for such a long time and dreaming of having that Trident pinned to their chests and now that has happened.  Although they say they have to continue to earn their Trident every day, and they really do  it is still different.  Also, many do not have a real deployment (not just training but mission deployment) for quite a while and they get a little stir crazy.  This is all part of it that they all go through.  But I used to tell my boy to just chill and it will all come in good time!  It does.  Soon they will be very busy and doing workups to prepare for the real deal. 

It is difficult to share much here other than support each other.  I do not ever talk specifics, dates, times, even teams.  Although we don't have to worry about instructors lurking etc. I am not 100% sure  or confident enough that anything on the internet is absolutely ironclad private.  We all know that the web is global and we should not be so arrogant to think that there isn't those who threaten our security couldn't get through this forum.

So continued good luck to your son and welcome aboard!

Anyone heading to VB for Memorial Day Weekend? Jack

My son was in 292 also. Did you go to the graduation? 

Is he still with the teams?



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