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These are threads from this website that I found extremely helpful in providing me with a window into our kids' lives for the next three months:

First Week of OCS,

Day One,

Day Twp,

Day Three,

Day Four,

Day Five,

Day Six,

Day Seven,

Week Two,

Week Three, Could not find an article on week three

Week Four,


Week Five,

Week Six,

Week Seven,

Week Eight,

Week Nine,

Weeks Ten-Twelve,

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Trust me....It is now blizzard conditions.....

Tough luck for your kid.... if they moved up fast cruise to this morning.... he was out there in the rain and cold with his classmates pushed to his limits. Bet he sleeps good tonight until.... they wake him up at 1am to make him run or what ever. Lots of kids roll so it's really no biggie if you get a call. If my kid rolled, I was just going to tell him, "Chin up.... pick yourself up, brush yourself off and.... give it your all until you have nothing left to give in the three weeks to better prepare yourself for rolling into the next class." The more I read about rolling the more I realized it wasn't that big of a deal other than that it screws up parents who had flights scheduled and hotels booked. Seems as if the kids who roll like having an extra three weeks to prepare and many roll into the next class and get class positions like President or VP and billets because they have experience the others don't. 

Yes. Week five for 08-17. They were supposed to be working on drilling this week so were probably outside with your kid's class at 4-5am. I think the e-mail access opportunities depend on the leadership which varies from class to class and most likely team to team as you suggested. E-mail access was initially given to the top four in 08-17. Now our son has it although I don't have any details of who else got it or how. I'll ask him for you. I'm pretty sure I was told that regardless of which class a kid was in that they'd all earn the privilege of having their phones in the 9th week. Right now, those with e-mail access are probably using a bank of desktop computers that the Navy provides. Either way, we were pleased as all punch getting an e-mail from him regardless of how "skimpy" it was. 

I thought about e-mailing our son the weeks ahead and what to expect provided by NavyDads and linked to by me in the very beginning of this thread but naaaaa.... changed my mind. Decided to let our kid get his "intel" from new classmates rolling in or he can be surprised like kids in classes before him. Being left in the dark keeps them on their toes. 

Yes, an old dairy farm with only 20 stanchions. I weeded in the family garden. shoveled snow, put up food, did early morning chores in the barn, and baled hay during the summer into fall just like every other kid. We didn't even have grade A milk which commanded the highest prices. Hitting a deer meant more mason jars of canned venison that we didn't have to pay for. We were very poor but.... so was everyone else. We were clueless... no baseline from which to draw a comparison when you're in the sticks and everyone else within miles lives the same way you do. Do remember the city kids having indoor plumbing.... no outhouses and getting dedicated phones that weren't party lines years before we did. There's something to be said for the old party lines where everyone knew what you were up to before your parents did.... by at least one day before the rumor mill caught up. And the Friday night all you can eat fish fry at a supper club which was the equivalent of a social hour with the added bonus of being able to refuel your car out front by the pump, dropping off any bills you had at the mailbox, and purchasing odds and ends from the attached "convenience" store without having to make the 1 hour trip into town. Funny, couldn't wait to leave the UP and now I can't wait to leave the rat race of where we currently live to get back to a simpler way of life where there is a sense of community.... that sanctuary you mentioned. Being a Yooper is a mindset. You qualify. ;) 

Tom - I saw that on the webcams! Nice! Warms my Minnesota heart to see you guys get a good snow storm!

LTB - "Being a Yooper is a mindset."  You're so right, THANKS!

spent all day having my car serviced in town and needed the A/C on the way home....gotta LOVE Tucson right now!!!!

Navy Dads Co-Admin Tom said:

Trust me....It is now blizzard conditions.....

Recent information on recent changes to what's permitted in CANDIO boxes here,

Heads up to families who plan on inviting friends or relatives to future OCS graduation ceremonies. Received a phone call from our son on Sunday letting us know he needed to submit the full legal name, date of birth, and SS# of every person attending his graduation so they could be cleared to get on base. He said he would be calling back for the information yesterday and did.  Unfortunately, an aunt and uncle are vacationing and another aunt is out of town traveling for her work and couldn't be reached so now only my husband and I and one uncle will be able to fly in for his graduation. I understand the need to clear guests and it makes perfect sense but am still incredibly disappointed this requirement was not mentioned anywhere online that I could find. 

LTB said:

NavyDads_Admin> I clicked on the OCS Class photos and it only went to a larger screen shot of what you posted. Was that what you meant to post?

To any other parent with a son or daughter in 08/17> Just realized all of our kids are halfway through their 3rd week which means the 'Fast Cruise' may be behind them according to a recent post I found at a Mom's Navy website when looking for information on 'Fast Cruise'. Here's a cut and paste of the post from last week-

"Fast Cruise (the first major rollable event)occurs Friday of the 2nd week--thus Fri for yours. If he rolls, he will be in good company. Lots do.

RLP occurs Thursday morning of the 3rd week. They have a chance to repeat it Friday AM. The last class had 8 that did not pass Thu and they all helped to get 6 more through on Friday. Good teamwork. If you are a praying mom, pray for this Fri and next Thu.

Regarding rolling, I found these three recent posts which are most encouraging addressing a question about what happens to them if they roll-

"They go into the "H" Company or Holding Company. They move back 3 wks for potential graduation, but I don't believe they need to redo previous accomplishments--so they go into holding until they are ready to repeat."

"They go into the "H" Company or Holding Company. They move back 3 wks for potential graduation, but I don't believe they need to redo previous accomplishments--so they go into holding until they are ready to repeat."

"When my son was at OCS he said the ones that rolled do get to call home. My first phone call was after he passed RLP ( room, locker and personnel  inspection. One of the best days as it came through on the 4th of July and i was home. He did send an email prior to give me a heads up that he would be calling between a certain time but i did not read my email beforehand. ( this is when they also get email too)"

The above post also may answer the question of when we might be receiving our 1st phone call from our children. It also lets us know it might be a good idea to begin checking our e-mail more regularly if we aren't already in the habit of doing so since our kids left for OTC Newport. 

Lastly, I found this informative post authored by a parent whose child rolled during the RLP mentioned above-

"My son is currently in the 06-17 class.  He rolled during RLP and contacted me between 6-7 pm the same day to let me know.  He rolled to the Holding Class.  This was a very good thing for him.  It gave him time to concentrate and work on what he needed to.  He will be graduating on  Feb 17.  It is a very stressful time for parents and of course our children going thru it."

Apparently rolling is quite common. If any of our kids are rolled, sounds to me as if they will receive the guidance and support they need to be successful when they roll back into a new class. 

Are there any other parents with a kid in this class here? If so, would enjoy hearing what your kids have written home about if you're comfortable sharing same. 



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