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To date, my son is currently aboard the USS Anchorage (LPD 23) in Naval Base San Diego... How about you?

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Steve that's awesome! USS San Diego (LPD 22) and USS Anchorage (LPD 23) both belong to Amphibious Squadron 5 so my son has been on-board the 22 a number of times and he was one of the sailors who had the oppty to give a public tour for a day back in 2012 during commissioning week. He enjoyed taking pix with the tourists heheh. It's not uncommon for crews on the 22 to be on the 23 and via-a-versa for training and quals. We too had toured his ship and yes it's pretty high tech all around and impressive. BZ to your son Travis!

That's good to hear Jason please keep us posted on Shaun's progress BZ!

jason plougher said:

ATM  Shaun PLougher is stationed in pensacola awaiting entrance into his school for job training which is aviation machinist.He is my son and I am super proud.

My son Greg, who has been in the Navy for 1 1/2 years, deployed on August 28th aboard the USS Boxer. They are currently serving in the 5th fleet. We are very proud of him and will be very excited to see him and give him a big hug whenever he gets home. Fortunately for us, he is stationed in San Diego, about 90 minutes from our home. God speed to all our men and women who are serving.

Lon Sellers BZ to Greg! I hear ya we too are thankful that our son is at NBSD as well about a 7 hour drive or a little over an hour by flight from home. We've been fortunate to have visited him a number of times and he too had the oppty to go on leave and spent time with the family. God Bless them All!

My son is in San Diego and will depart for Pascagoula, Mississippi in 2 weeks to be stationed on the USS America LHA6. The ship will depart Pascagoula for San Diego sometime in late spring. 

Great to hear that Charles and Welcome to our state group! My son spent quite some time in Louisiana and Miss. when they were PCU. He saw LHA6 up close and personal and told me Dad that it's an awesome ship!

Exciting times! Look forward to the Commissioning and I gather a homecoming to NBSD or vise versa...

My son just left for boot camp on the 4th. I asked him "are you sure that's where you want to be during winter"? We're like the California raisins, born and raised here. He always replied with "hey it's no big deal dad, I'll get used to it". I'm so proud of this kid, I wish him all the best!

Dave yeah it's cold up in Great Lakes heheh...It may seem like a long time and next thing you know graduation is right around the corner keep us posted..

My son just received orders from Missile Tech Graduation to the Louisiana, blue crew. He is on his way to Bangor now. Is your son still there? Any advice or information for a new dad to the boat?

Scott L. Waller said:

 My son is stationed on the USS Louisiana SSBN 743 as a FT3 out of Washington.

Point Loma Base , California ..and we miss him Greatly...Very proud of him !

Sam just finished basic, PIR 12/11, and is off to Charleston for A school, then Nuke school.  Can't wait to hear from him.  I'm very proud of the choice he made to serve.

My son, MA3 Colin McNeill, part of the Riverine squadron, is on his first deployment in Dubai.



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