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Important RTC/PIR Changes

RTC is making important changes to polices regarding PIR Guest Access as well as Bag Checks and Restriction Policies.  Take the time to read thru these and be prepared when you head to Great Lakes for PIR.

Effective with the 10/6/2017 PIR, everyone coming onto the base MUST PICK-UP A TICKET from the RTC Welcome Center. Instructions will be provided to you in the form letter that is being set home by your Recruit, which will include a page that you will need to complete and return. That page will include space for the name(s), addresses, ID#'s (driver's license / etc.).
The following is quoted from the form:
1. In preparation of your visitors RTC graduation attendance, all visitors should be listed below. I understand that all US Citizens / Resident Aliens will have a criminal background check. All non-US citizens / Resident Aliens will be considered for installation access on a case-by-case basis. I shall NOT knowingly request access for individuals meeting any of the following requirements, including:
a. An outstanding warrant, current probation / parole or a registered sex offender
b. Any narcotics related offense within the last 10 years and/or
c. Any other serious offense
2. I hereby request the following, not more than (three or four, depending on the size of the training group) individuals be granted to RTC Great Lakes.
The form then includes fields for you to complete and return to your Recruit. Information required includes Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, State ID#, State, DOB. This information will be required for all guests BEGINNING FOR THE 10/6/2017 PIR and later.
NO EXTRA GUESTS will be permitted to enter the base. The Chapel is NO LONGER AN OPTION. Tickets will be checked at the gate and again inside the drill hall. If you don't have a ticket, you're not getting on the base. Any extra guests will be required to remain at the hotel and can see their new Sailor after the ceremony has concluded.
This is why the above information:
Families and friends of Recruit Training Command,
Soon after new recruits begin to arrive at Recruit Training Command they are given a letter that contains pertinent information about training and graduation. This information is vital to families and friends of new recruits as it answers questions and provides information about attending their graduation ceremony.
Recruit Training Command, in an effort to make Navy bootcamp graduation ceremonies as safe as possible for our visitors, will be implementing new bag checks and restriction policies, effective Friday August 18, 2017. These new procedures will differ slightly from what was printed in the Form Letter you received from your recruit near the beginning of training.
Please disregard what was in the letter and follow these new guidelines, as follows:
Every person, bag, and vehicle on the base is subject to search. Metal detectors and other security devices are in use on board Recruit Training Command. Expect some delay at the security checkpoints.
Items that are permitted into the ceremony: Small bag/personal item (purse, satchel, etc.), small diaper bag, small camera bag, and personal wheelchair or walker. Strollers and car seats are allowed but discouraged due to space limitations (you may leave them in your car).
Items NOT permitted into the ceremony: -Large bags, backpacks, luggage, posters, signs/banners, gift bags of any size, and flowers. -Alcohol, illegal drugs, knives or weapons will be confiscated by security.
Any person found with these items will NOT be permitted to enter the ceremony. NO WEAPONS! Weapons possession on federal installations is highly regulated and those in violation are subject to arrest and prosecution. Again, our new changes are to ensure that we provide our guests with the safest possible experience while on board Recruit Training Command."


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