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Tiger Cruise - Homecoming !

Wow….homecoming….after seven-plus months at sea everyone was returning to US soil and their families. I knew it was going to be a memorable day with lots of mixed emotions for all.

Eric and I had agreed to make it another 06:00 day, but around 05:00 I managed to wiggle out of the rack and get cleaned up. I wasn’t sleeping anyway, so why stare at the inside of my eyelids when I could go ahead and get cleaned up and get ready for the day. The ship’s movement had eased over night and…


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Brothers at War Movie

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Saw an interview with Gary Sinise this AM and he was talking about a movie out today...if you look at the website: you can watch a clip and read about the looks powerful and something that all Americans should see. I know this is off-topic here but the fight for freedowm is larger than…


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Tiger Cruise- Day 2, Part 3

Wow! Pretty impressive air power demo….sure makes you appreciate what the pilots and support crew go through. I was still kind of in a daze as I don’t think it still hit me that it was real. I’ve been a fan of military aircraft my whole life and swear I was a fighter jock in another life, so I was living the dream of being that close to the planes as they launched.

Anyway, as I said in part 2, the Air Boss asked all to leave the flight deck so he could recover the aircraft and…


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Tiger Cruise, Day 2, Part 2: The Air Power Demo

I know I musta had a grin from ear to ear after that shot as you try to absorb the experience and burn it into memory. The launch must be pretty violent as you sure can see the pilots head get jostled around in the cockpit as the plane accelerates. You can see the afterburners as the 18 moves down the flight deck….as soon as he clears the end of the deck the pilot goes into a clearing turn to port and the burners kick off. You also note the thin trails from each wing tip…at the wingtips…


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