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At 4:58pm on November 12, 2018, John Smith said…

Thank you! I am beyond excited for him. For me its learning as much as I can about this process and about what his future may look like. Thank you for all of this information and site, it helps alot.

At 3:10pm on December 19, 2017, David Wisinger said…

He's in San Diego on the USS Boxer

At 10:54am on December 15, 2017, Adam Biscow said…

Happy to say he shipped yesterday.  He ended up choosing STG.  He  was very excited for it and wants to volunteer for STS if he can. We all went up to Albany, spent the night w him before he had to report to MEPS the next morning.  We watched him swear in and said our goodbyes.  Got his call last night.  

At 7:20pm on December 12, 2017, Adam Biscow said…

Well after a year, and many hardships with the enlisting process, I am haapy to say Ryan leaves for Great Lakes Thursday.  A long road but he made it.

At 7:08pm on May 18, 2017, Bob Kenyon said…

Thank you for the warm welcome.  

At 1:30pm on May 15, 2017, Tim Pilcher said…

Hey Tom - thanks so much for the kind words.  I really appreciate you pointing me in the right direction here & will be making the most of NAVYDADS, believe me!  I'm a little anxious, but that's only because there's a LOT I just don't know & a LOT to figure out ASAP...or at least that's how I feel - but I'm as proud as any Dad can be of my daughter's decision to join the USN & I know I'll benefit from the wisdom and experience of those of you who have gone before me!!

At 3:41pm on May 1, 2017, Craig Dunn said…

Thank you for the welcome. I'm looking forward to staying in touch during my son's enlistment and beyond. 

At 8:09pm on April 9, 2017, Bruce Buterbaugh said…

Thank you for the warm welcome.  Trevor had been in Boot Camp about a month now.  I wish I had found Navy Dads MUCH sooner.  Great Information and great insight in the world that kinda leaves us behind to wonder how things are going .  Ultimately great for them but tough to start. You guys do a great job, thank you for that!

At 11:19am on April 3, 2017, Larry Burt said…

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply.  Small world, right?  Yes, Matt is on the Carl Vinson right now and I just got the "You're approved" for the Tiger Cruise in May.  Matt is still finding his way in the Navy, wanting to get back to Special Forces.  Hopefully that will happen this summer.

Anyway I love this site.  I've already accumulated a few pages of notes for the cruise.  Thanks to you and everybody on here.

At 4:23pm on March 29, 2017, Stephen J Connor said…

Thanks Tom.  My son is an officer going thru SQT and scheduled to get his pin in Nov.

At 7:56pm on February 19, 2017, john j connor jr said…
I would like to thank all who have messaged me and welcomed me as new member of Navy dad's ...Kinda hard getting use to having my boy gone but it gives me great comfort knowing he is out there helping keep our country safe ..... I told my son before he left that no one person is the Navy and no matter how small you think your part is , It takes all those small parts to make up the whole ...Finally heard from him from Great Lakes , he's more than halfway thru and I am very happy how acclamated he is to his new lifestyle ....Go Navy .
At 8:38am on February 7, 2017, Jessie Belk Hoffman said…

Thanks guys for the Add I cant wait to look over the videos of RTC.


At 3:36pm on February 5, 2017, Richard Joiner said…

Thank You Paul.  I am waiting on some information from my son, then I will make a final decision.  

At 6:18pm on February 4, 2017, Richard Joiner said…

Thank you Tom!  It's definitely different right now, not being able to contact him.  He originally was supposed to go to Boot in June, but an opening occurred and he was asked if he wanted to leave early.  He was so excited as it was for the June date that he jumped on the earlier date.  As a parent, we are always protective and planning for things for our child's future, but now that he is gone, plans we had before he was supposed to leave in June have definitely changed and the next time I will see him, he will be a changed man.  I have a question about the Great Lakes area.  I received the package from the Navy in reference to his graduation date.  I will need to make hotel/car/flight reservations.  Many of the hotels listed on the brochure are the kind of hotels which are dives here in the Atlanta area.  Obviously, I would like to stay close to the base, but in a relatively safe area (his grandmother is coming to the ceremony).  Is there an area which is close and fits the bill for a safe area?

At 11:00am on February 3, 2017, Dexter Thomas said…

Thank you. What a great group

At 11:26am on January 14, 2017, Kevin Burns said…
Thanks, Tom. And to all of the others that welcomed me. As a former Naval Officer myself, I am mostly familiar wirh the basic military jargon. But after being a civilian for 24 years a lot has changed. For instance, I attended AOCS, which only commissioned officers in Aviation related fields. Now OSC is combined and has taken a much more modern and contemporary feel. Facebook and the Internet have provided so many more ways of keeping in touch with our young sailors. My wife and I are very proud of our son, but are struggling with the 3 week news 'blackout' while they are undergoing the indoctrination phase. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has a son or daughter at OCS right now. To share information or just to encourage one another.
At 11:22am on January 14, 2017, Richie Blankenship said…
Thank you for welcoming me, I have a feeling I'll probably be scanning this site more and more every day.
At 12:39pm on January 12, 2017, Proud SO Dad! said…

Thanks Tom! I appreciate your warm welcome.

At 10:14pm on January 5, 2017, Mark Nichols said…

Thank you Tom!

At 11:31am on January 4, 2017, Michael Ferguson said…

Thanks for adding me !!  Ole Navy Airdale here !


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