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At 6:58pm on August 1, 2013, Clayton Norwood said…

Hi Craig been busy with work . Hope all is well with you and the family. I imagine your son is well into his first couple of weeks by now, hard to fathom every thing these kids are doing now. We havent heard from our son lately, very busy himself. He is working on his third stage liberty as well. My DIL gets to see him fairly often during the week and I believe she is working at the NEX so that will help get things back to normal for them. I will keep you posted on any new developments.

At 7:20pm on July 13, 2013, Clayton Norwood said…

Hi Craig Just wanted to wish your youngest GOOD LUCK with his new adventure. By the way welcome to the empty nesters club, now you get to travel following your young men. Our DIL is setting up house in GL now and my son is getting his paper work finalized so he can leave base with her.he is doing good already working on a new leadership position so he is pretty buisy too, but they have the energy for it. Talk later and God Bless you and your family.

At 9:21pm on June 20, 2013, Clayton Norwood said…

It has been a bit easier now that we can Skype and talk on the phone. We will have to wait to see what our grandsons will do with millitary service, but thats not for at least 12 years or more. I will keep you and you family in my prayers.I am confident that these young men will do them selves proud. We'll keep you posted on our happenings, and take care. 

At 7:25pm on June 18, 2013, Clayton Norwood said…

Craig enjoy the time with your son before he leaves for the Marines, And please tell him good luck for me. Mom I'm sure will be making the best of her time with him. I grew up in So. New England and know that area a bit , the parts I know are very nice but I must warn you he may pick up a funny accent and start saying things like it's wicked good or he's going to paak the caa in the baan.On our home front our DIL is going to move to GL to be with our sailor while he's there. 

At 10:38pm on June 16, 2013, Ron Jones said…
Thanks again Craig and you are absolutely correct when all this is done it will change again and it will continue that process from this point forward. My problem is case in point its Fathers Day (happy fathers day by the way) and I have heard nothing from him since Tuesday and it is maddening I know how hard this has been for J and I am very concerned what happens if he just can't find that 38 seconds because god forbid he wash out and its nothing from me, he will be his own worst enemy then. I am trying so hard to stay positive and would never ever let him know any of this but this not knowing is tough. I wish there were some way to just find out if he is with his division or alone somewhere beating himself up for being such a failure and disappointment. You know he actually said that phrase to me on the phone last week that " I'm sorry I let you guys down again, all I wanted is to make you proud of me" I have never told that boy that I was ever anything other than proud of and for him. I'm not even sure if his division has started Battle Stations much less anything else I have a hunch and its not a good one. Well my freind I am rambling so I will end this. Once again thank you for your your support and I will keep you posted.
At 8:44pm on June 15, 2013, Ron Jones said…
Thank you Craig for those encouraging words it is just killing me not knowing amything since Wed night it's like being able to hear every tick of the clock each and every hour Tic Toc I know they say no news is good news but man this is rough. Well once again thanks and I will keep you posted.
At 7:43pm on June 13, 2013, Clayton Norwood said…

Hi Craig it was great to meet you and your family, sorry I didn't get to meet your Sailor, like you we were zeroed in on our Sailor and with the crowd moving I lost sight of you folks. my sailor is going to A school in GL. We're not sure for how long but he may be there for awhile. When you talk to your sailor send him our congradulations. It was'nt easy but they made it or did we make it?

At 5:28pm on May 31, 2013, Clayton Norwood said…

Just talked to DIL, WE HAVE A SAILOR HOOYAH!!!

At 6:31am on May 31, 2013, Clayton Norwood said…

Hi Craig, I hope all is well with you and your family.  It's been pretty busy, but not as busy as our SR's today!  My wife is at work with her cell phone by her side :)  We are really looking forward to next week, we are pretty much counting down the days!

At 6:59pm on May 23, 2013, Clayton Norwood said…

 Hi Craig we got a letter from our SR on Saturday. He said the RDC's are not yelling as much probably because they are doing things right now.On Sunday's he gets up early to write to our DIL and us then its Chapel Watch. He also said that it was getting fast paced,  I wonder if it is because it's a push division? Battle Stations coming up soon,and DIL will be here for a wedding at that time so we should hear when SR passes. He passed his last PT with flying colors, but he wants to beat the so called alpha standard. He has four tenth of a second for the run and eight more sit ups to match it. I think he's going to make a career of it.

At 8:27pm on May 14, 2013, Clayton Norwood said…

Hi Craig My wife got both the ship 9 coin and the RTC coin one for her to give and one for me to give. Time seems to have stopped no word from SR even DIL has not heard from him this week. It must be the anticipation of the division neti pot coming up,not having experienced it my self I am quoting a friend who did 11 years in the Navy. It helps knowing they are not out to hurt the SR's just work them to thier limits, making them stronger. 24 day's to PIR can't wait to see how he's doing. I imagine he will be standing a lot taller than when he went in.

At 9:45pm on May 11, 2013, Marco A. Velazquez said…
Hi Craig, congratulations to you too, on your 27 years and the other three will go by fast. As LEO's you know off hand it wasn't easy but I wouldn't change a thing. My wife is also retired LEO, she put in 25 years and her Dad 30 years so you might say we're a Law Enforcement family, lol. Our son is in Ship 12 Div 217 and he's graduating June 9. Then he goes to A school in San Antonio Texas for his MA training. How funny that he want to be a "Cop", I wonder why,lol. It's always nice meeting a Navy Dad and a fellow LEO. Please be safe out there, and wear our vest. God Bless you and your Famly, and may The Lord keep all our Police Officers and Military Troops safe and out of Harms way. Amen.
One Proud Navy Dad,
Marco V.
At 7:38pm on May 7, 2013, Clayton Norwood said…

Craig ,I'm sure your SR will appreciate the humor, it sounds like any thing from home makes every thing a little easier. can only guess as to how my SR is feeling. Dil didn't get a call this weekend and no other letters as yet. They must be very busy at this point, just about half way there. I can't wait for PIR! miss him terribly.

At 4:37pm on May 6, 2013, Bill Black said…
Craig, thanks for that heads up! I agree.....wouldn't want to set him up for any more "adventures" than he is probably experiencing now! LOL! I plan to start wearing my cell phone around my neck 24/7!!!
At 7:58pm on May 3, 2013, Bill Black said…
That is awesome Craig! I can only hope we get the same opportunity! Thanks for the heads up!!
At 7:02pm on May 2, 2013, Bill Black said…
Craig, thanks! It does help. Your son went in on a Wednesday and PIR is 8 weeks and 2 days later for him. I calculated the same thing for my son (going in on Wednesday 5/1 and then anticipating PIR on 6/28). What was confusing me was the "P week". Wasn't sure if that was part of the over all 8 weeks or if the training was 8 weeks itself.
At 6:25pm on May 2, 2013, Clayton Norwood said…
We got a letter from our SR today; so excited. My wife didn't open until I got home. He wrote it while he was SIQ after the oral surgery. He sounds good but was concerned about being rusty for inspection due to SIQ. He sounds good and sounds like he is getting into the groove. Would to hear his voice, but I know that he saves that for his wife; as it should be. Hope your SR is feeling better. Take care.
At 4:09pm on May 2, 2013, Bill Black said…
I missed commenting on your post about when you said goodbye and the advice. Thanks for the counsel! I can see where this will be both informative and therapeutic. I plan to write often as well. It is amazing what a hollow feeling there is after their departure even if we didn't spend a large quantity of time with them every day. My son worked about 25 - 30 hours a week. But he was home most every evening for dinner. We had great conversation at that time and I will miss that dearly. Thanks again Craig. Appreciate the insight you already have. I will indeed stay strong as I know you will! Keep in touch.
At 3:41pm on May 2, 2013, Bill Black said…
Craig, your son went in on 4/10. What is his estimated PIR? I read where the processing days didn't count toward the 8 weeks. I know I will receive the PIR info soon but was trying to calculate what my son's might be. Thanks!
At 3:22pm on May 2, 2013, Bill Black said…
Craig, I will indeed! My son is not much of a writer/communicator and his flight was less than 30 minutes from Indianapolis to Chicago. However, he had a wait of over 6 hours at O'Hare before the bus picked them up for RTC so maybe he will surprise us!


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