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At 9:54am on September 27, 2013, Bob T said…

Yes, I know Port Jefferson very well. Spent a lot of time there. Have you ever been there?

At 9:15am on September 26, 2013, NavyDads Admin (Paul) said…

that post ended up going to EG's page...I'll copy and post in the Boot Camp group

At 8:08pm on September 16, 2013, David A Dearborn said…

Thanks for the excellent information about Section Leader.  My wife and I swelled up with pride after finding out what this means for our son.  Your information has helped ease our minds about his first two weeks in boot camp. Thank your son for his service, take care and God Bless you and your family.  

At 4:08pm on August 16, 2013, Navy Dads Co-Admin Tom said…

Bill....I saw your message to Stephanie...Well done! That's what this site is all about....

At 12:54pm on August 16, 2013, NavyDads Admin (Paul) said…

Have followed your various posts Bill and I can see you have experienced the life changing process that this Navy journey is.....sometimes I think more so for us dads (and moms....) than for our sailors!  There will be up times and I can say with the voice of experience that there will be down times as well....though all, NavyDads is there to share your experiences, answer your questions (hopefully at least) and to give you a place where you can brag a little.....or a lot!  Thanks for being a member and stepping up to help others just starting their own journey! 

At 2:01pm on July 24, 2013, Phil Shannon said…

I only said it's not as good as Navy Lodge because it doesn't have a private white sand beach like the Lodge does. But it's right on base so it's a good area for sure. Good luck.

At 4:54pm on July 18, 2013, Michael Huff said…

Bill, I am sure your son will do great things in the Navy!  Whether he serves just one enlistment or makes it a career, he will gain valuable leadership and time management skills.  In my opinion, the military provides a young man or woman the opportunity to grow personally and professionally and will give them a "leg up" over their peers by virtue of the increased maturity and acceptance of personal responsibility.   

At 3:33pm on July 18, 2013, Michael Huff said…

Thanks Bill!  My dad also served in the Navy during World War II on the Aleutian Island of Adak, Alaska.  Forty years later, I was stationed there as well as part of the Marine Security Detachment at the Naval Air Station.  My oldest son just completed his first year of college, however, he too enlisted in the Navy as a Nuke and will be leaving for bootcamp in February 2014.  I am extremely proud of both of them!       

At 7:30pm on June 16, 2013, Craig G. said…

Charles, I just read your post about photos. You are allowed to take as many photos as you want, but only inside the drill hall. Outside photography is strictly forbidden. I took 100s of photos and my Sailor ordered the PIR DVD and "Keel Book." The DVD is of the entire graduation ceremony and the "Keel Book" is similar to a high school year book with behind the scene photos of the graduating class. If I remember correctly, your Sailor's class is the first that will be streaming the graduation live on the internet (6/28). this is for all the families and friends who are unable to attend in person. My Sailor also purchased T-shirts and Hoodies for Mom, brother & me of the division flag and lists the names of the members of the division. If I can be of any help, just returned from Great Lakes on Friday (6/14).  

At 12:16pm on June 15, 2013, Craig G. said…

Charles, just returned from GL as my son graduated 6/7. His request was for Chicago deep dish pizza. We stayed in Lincolnshire, Ill and found a great pizza place called "Lou Malnotis." (Unsure on spelling - I is long E sound). We actually had pizza delivered to the hotel, relaxed and visited with our Sailor. He changed out of his dress whites into comfy close to avoid any pizza accidents. The overall experience was amazing. Our Sailor was a "Grab-n-Go." We were together from 1100hrs to 1900hrs when he needed to return to GL. We returned to the hotel, slept and went to O'Hare at 0300hrs and saw the buses arrive. We managed to squeeze in another 6-hours with our Sailor before his flight left at 1010hrs for Connecticut. Worth every second. If I can be of any assistance, just ask. What an adventure. 

At 5:05pm on June 6, 2013, Jared Hyde said…

Not a problem  Charles,

There is a carry over limit, and that is 60 days. The date to watch is 01 Oct or the start of the Fiscal Year (FY). Right now, I am stitting on 50+ days of leave that will exceed the 60 days by 01 Oct and become "Use or Lose." I need to trim this down a bit as the FY goes on. I've followed a policy of setting aside 14 days for emergencies, and builing from there. Your son will have plenty of time to accrue leave time throughout his enlistment. Deployments are really good for builing up leave time. Shore Duty is relaxed and a good time to build too.

At 1:57am on May 8, 2013, Craig G. said…

I imagine you're on a countdown for a phone call. If the timeline is the same for all the groups, hopefully, your phone will ring on Saturday and your boy will be on the other end. I'll keep you in my prayers that it happens.  

At 11:56am on May 7, 2013, Forrest Glass said…

I remember that being the most difficult part, the not hearing and the not knowing how he was.  Mail that came was treated like priceless jewels.  I read them over and over.  The hard part too was hear about stuggles or even illnesses, but knowing as I read I was a week or two removed from the situation.  It was difficult knowing what to pray and when to pray it.

If its possible, just know that I (we) know what you are going through and also know it is what it is.  You will get through the boot camp, as will your son.  He won't like having gone through all that he did, but he will hold his head up proudly when you see him next time.

Your trip to Great Lakes will be a blast.  You will swell with pride as person after person come up to your son in the mall or at the restaurants you go to and thank him for his service. 

This military deal is a family participation can see no that the sacrifce is not just in the death of a Sailor, it also include the day to day sacrifice all of us make as families as we support our Sailors in what they do.

Dang, I have gotten on TOP of this soap box haven't I??  lol  I just hope you take comfort in knowing that all you are going through is appreciated by our Navy community.  We understand...

Hang in there and be sure to write your boy everyday... I can't wait to hear how his journey plays out...

Go God!






At 12:34am on May 6, 2013, Craig G. said…

Charles, I meant to tell you. If you have caller ID, the area code for RTC is 847. If, I hope you don't, but if you miss a call. Don't call the number back. An RDC might be standing in the phone room and if they answer, the SR who was receiving the call will be in trouble. All you can hope for is your SR calls back in a couple of minutes. Our SR called and Mom missed the call. She heard the answering machine and called back. Fortunately no one answered. Phew! Don't think the kids need to be yelled at on our account. Take care.  

At 6:51pm on May 3, 2013, Craig G. said…

We received a telephone call on 4/20 at 0615hrs. Huge surprise!! Ten days after arrival. We've received 3 calls total. Each call has lasted about 30 minutes. 2 on consecutive Saturdays, 0615hrs & 1400hrs. The last call was this past Wednesday, 1300hrs. Fortunately SR called my cellphone as I was working a day shift. We now have call forwarding to remove any chance of missing a call and SR only has to call one number and not burn minutes on his calling card with multiple attempts. Hopefully this is a helpful hint. Take care.  

At 5:23pm on May 2, 2013, Craig G. said…

Scheduled PIR for my son is 6/7. If it helps, Thursday is Week 3 - Day 1 (5/2). I know my SR spent 5 days in P-Days when they're affectionately known as "Smurfs" until they get fitted and issued their NWU's, blue camo uniform. Hope this helps. 

At 3:29pm on May 2, 2013, Craig G. said…

Saying goodbye was the hardest thing I've had to do. Lump in throat, couldn't form words and when I hugged him, thought I snapped his spine. He too was the adult saying everything would be okay. What has really helped me, is writing. I've written 10 letters. The most letters to anyone in my lifetime. I'm averaging a letter every 2 days. It's not only good for him, but never having been apart like this, I still feel like part of his world. If I may suggest, write letters. Have a bunch ready to go when the "BOX" arrives. Just ramble on, day-to-day stuff, jokes between the two, hobbies, work, family, news, whatever. My SR just asked for hints on boot polishing. It really helps, remember they're not the only one going though boot camp at RTC. They were better prepared than we were, at least they had a recruiter. We had to find Navydads. Stay strong

At 3:12pm on May 2, 2013, Craig G. said…

Charles you've probably been told this, but when the "BOX" arrives, dig through every pocket twice where a note can be hidden. Even check the inside flaps of the "BOX." Wife and I received a wonderful surprise, SR had bought a small pocket journal and kept notes the whole trip from CA to Ill. Felt like an archaeologist making some incredible discovery. Even got a photo of Mom digging through all his stuff. Take care 

At 3:03pm on May 2, 2013, Craig G. said…

Charles, don't despair it my not be the three week blackout you think. My son started 4/10 and we received a call on 4/20. Call came in at 6:15am our time, 8:15am his time. To avoid any missed calls, wife got "Call forwarding." We've received three calls total, 4/20, 4/27 & 5/1. We feel very fortunate. The hard part as a Dad is keeping it together while on the phone, be super encouraging, upbeat, positive and let them talk. When you say goodbye, then you can turn into a puddle of goo. :-) We're Dads. Prayers for your family and SR.  

At 3:52pm on April 30, 2013, Craig G. said…

Thank you for your kind words. I can't believe my SR has only been gone 3 weeks, feels a lot longer. I can tell you, the initial sadness goes away, but boy howdy the first week is not easy. Who knew waiting for a cardboard box and letter would rekindle your childhood back to the days when Christmas was approaching. Every shred of information is precious. It's hard not being in the know after helping every single day. 


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