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At 12:32pm on January 12, 2017, Proud SO Dad! said…

Thanks Tim for your well wishes as I come on board. I look forward to interacting with this resource as my son Benjamin moves through SQT and into the Teams.

At 9:07pm on August 28, 2015, Ruben Gonzalez said…
Thanks Tim for the warm welcome
This site actually makes me feel closer to Evan even though he is in GL.
I am glad he went through the DEP program so we could be mentally prepared for his departure.

We received our "phone call" at around 8:55pm PST on Wednesday night and are relieved he made it ok.

Looking forward to future posts on this site.
Thanks once again for this site. You are doing many parents a great service and deserve a big shoutout!
Ruben (Evan Gonzalez dad)
At 7:18pm on August 26, 2015, David Porter Calhoun said…


Thank you. Joshua has been in for almost 10 years. I did not find Navy Dads until a few days ago while looking for information on Tiger Cruise. I hope to be on the Teddy Roosevelt later this year.

He is a P 3 pilot with several tours of Iraq, a former flight instructor and now a catapult officer on the Roosevelt.

As with everyone on the site, I could not be prouder!

When he was enlisted as an Ensign, I wrote a prayer for him that might be of interest to some other family members. I will try to find it and put it on the site.



At 3:36pm on August 18, 2015, Eric Mills said…

Thanks for the welcome message.  This is all so overwhelming but I'm looking forward to discovering more.

At 1:06pm on August 18, 2015, Keith Wright said…

Thanks for the add & welcome. My daughter joined the Army in 2000 and left in 2002 on a med discharge, only to enlist in the Navy a couple years later. She made Chief in 2011 after being in only 7 years. While that is not a record, it is rapid and commendable. Currently stationed on the Michael Murphy, she started on the McFaul so she is used to being on a destroyer. At this moment I am puppy sitting her three dogs at her house on Oahu (it's a tough job, but someone has to do it) while she is in a 3 week training program state side. Sam (my kid) is the first one but not the last one of her family generation to be in the Navy. I have a nephew in Norfolk as well.

My history... having graduated an all boys Catholic School in 1976, only one member of my class joined the military. He went into the USMC like his father, his g'father, and all the males in his family throughout time. If you can recall, 1976 was a time of major upheaval in the military. The Viet Nam war had just ended, my age group does not have draft numbers, and Pres Ford started the all volunteer military. They were trying to get rid of their over abundance of personnel at that time. I went to college and afterwards became  a Deputy Sheriff in SW Florida, where I still live with my wife of 27 years. I am retired with 29 years of service and currently work as a driver for a private ambulance company. Cheers

At 9:39pm on August 17, 2015, Dane said…
We came fm Waianae, my oldest still stay w/ my granson, we live in Pensacola Bch now....trying to get back....
At 8:55pm on August 17, 2015, Dane said…
Mahalo Tim will pass on to Kai, we received some letters last week, made momma happy, we appreciate all da good info!
At 7:15am on August 13, 2015, Richard Sands said…
Thank you Tim. Much appreciated.
At 7:13am on August 13, 2015, Lee Chatman said…

Thank you very much for all the information.

At 7:12am on August 13, 2015, Lee Chatman said…

At 7:08pm on August 11, 2015, RICHARD BRIGGS said…
Thanks Tim! My wife was wondering if she could join! She said this site just "fits her disposition better than others"! I will print and forward you thanks to Ash! She's in week2 AROC 900's (946) Div. - all state choir paid off! :-) cadence: "can I get a hoo to the left!? Yah to the right,"
At 7:39am on July 29, 2015, Chad Johnson said…

Thanks for all the info/help.  I have been researching what my son will be doing and just when I think I can't get any prouder of him, I do.

At 9:44pm on July 25, 2015, Butch said…

Hi Tim,

Thanks so much for helping to run this website.  My son is in divison 818 and PIR is sent for 9/11.  What a cool date for PIR!  I'll be checking out this website in much more detail.  My wife is a member of the Navy Moms website and she has been getting a ton of information from there as well.

At 8:56pm on July 6, 2015, Rob D said…
Tim thank you for the welcome comment, my wife and I are having a very difficult time with this we have no experience with the military and we are a very very tight family of four. Got a heart wrenching first phone call from Jordan and it has been very hard to stop thinking about. He said he's not eating sleeping and his hair is not growing back, also injured his knee and is on crutches.
At 10:12pm on June 24, 2015, PZP'sDAD said…

Thanks for the welcome.  We are on short time.  He leaves on July 7.  He has a final DEP meeting this week.  He actually looks really good and ready.  He had a buddy leave yesterday and he went to see him off.  I have been all over this site.  haven't joined any groups but been doing a lot of research.

At 7:54pm on June 10, 2015, Allen Scales said…
Thank you. I do have a question, is there acway to know when PIR is for my son? He shipped last Tuesday.
At 8:35pm on April 30, 2015, John Ostaszewski said…


Many thanks for your helpful information.  After looking through the site, I have one question - my son-in-law had several friends who received their wings in Pensacola last Friday - are there any videos from these ceremonies available on this site?  



At 12:54pm on April 6, 2015, Walker Criswell said…

Thank You


At 2:58pm on April 5, 2015, Miles Montgomery said…
Thanks Tim.
At 10:12pm on April 4, 2015, Randolph S. Crisp said…

Thank you very much for your warm welcome and information about the site. My son was blessed with a very informative recruiter in Tallahassee, FL. so he is way ahead of my in what he knows but I will try to play catch up in case I can help him along the way and get information that he maybe has not yet.


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