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At 5:25pm on January 11, 2015, Thomas Stenger said…

Elmo, thanks for the kind words and introductory message.  I've invested a great deal into my daughter and it was difficult handing her off to the Navy.  Her PIR is at the end of January and then she's off to language school in Monterey for CTI training. The information found at "Navy for Dad's" and words by you and others has been comforting to me.

At 5:48pm on December 2, 2014, Mike Zilka said…

thanks for such a great web site we just got our 1st letter and phone calls on sat. and sun. yesterday.she was having her wisdom teeth out hoping all went well thanks again pir 1-09-2015 ship02 div909

At 10:56am on December 2, 2014, Jonathan Losche said…

Thanks everyone, it's been an adjustment for my family and I having a sailor in the family.  When I hear friends talk about sending their kids off to college and how tough that is I think to myself, "They don't know n'thing"  Dropping my son off at the recruiting station and having to turn my back and walk away, not knowing when I'd hear from him again, was probably the hardest thing I have done since he was born.  

But it's all good, he's home on leave for a week and soon will be off to the fleet on a guided missile destroyer

At 4:32pm on November 18, 2014, Ben said…

Hi, all

This is my first post here, and I'm glad I found you guys. I may or may not have met one of your sons through my son. But all of the Navy personal have been very friendly and professional. I am concerned due to recent events for the safety and security of all our Military personal including my son.

I cannot mention which areas are of concern but in time I will know who and where I can bring up my concerns. Are there others that feel certain things need to be looked at or changed to make our guys safer overall?

My son Graduated Buds on 10/6/2014 and is in Alaska now and returning to Coronado on 11/26 will be graduating 6/12 /2015 is there any other fathers  that have your son graduating then?

At 11:43am on November 17, 2014, Marty Shaft said…

thank you my son has been waiting for a while to go in and is excited! im just trying to wade thru all the stuff to keep me and my wife on an even keel! he leaves on December 9th.

At 10:41am on November 14, 2014, Phil Mosley said…

Thanks for the comment. Just realized I put the wrong information. Lucas is scheduled to serve as an AT.

Right now I am waiting on the "I'm a sailor call". We are scheduled to graduate Nov. 21st. We can't wait to watch him walk.

At 6:37pm on November 3, 2014, Wesley Graham said…

You guys are amazing thank you for all of the help I dont understand any of the military language

At 6:35pm on November 3, 2014, Wesley Graham said…

I believe my son Bradley is in CTR his A school is here in Pensacola Florida (our home town) at Cory field the Cryptology base

At 8:15pm on October 30, 2014, Oscar V. said…

Thanks Elmo!  I appreciate the warm welcome and look forward to utilizing this site as my son,, Future Sailor Nikolas, wraps up his DEP and ships to GL on 3/3/15.

At 11:36am on October 13, 2014, Chuck said…

I knew that you were always around.  We are well on this home front. Adam is still with us Andrew has transitioned to shore duty at NAS Whidbey Island. Alyssa is with VFA 34 at NAS Oceana.  All are healthy. working through life.

At 10:04am on October 13, 2014, Chuck said…

I am very pleased with your new involvement in this web site.  How does it feel to be with us daily?

At 3:53am on October 13, 2014, patrickvincent iuli said…

Thank you for making this happen. Having this access makes me feel a part of a network of Dads and Families. Learning everyday the Navy Way. Trying to figure out ABH A school graduation at NAS Pensacola. I've read six weeks and my son says 48 days not counting weekends and holidays. I heard from other Dads also not counting indoctrination week and they say they heard from past A school Dads that there was "a lot of down time" not counted in the 48 days. Trying to make plans to attend because I live 9,000 miles away in the middle of nowhere with only two flights a week off the island that are always booked; and you can't hold the seat because because it costs $150 penalty to change per flight and it takes four flights to NAS Pensacola. And more importantly, my employer requires 45 days notice to process leave requests. Thank you.

At 6:18pm on September 25, 2014, William Felton said…

Thank you Elmo for the kind words. Its a little upsetting. You know the youngest child leaving home and all.

At 4:03pm on September 3, 2014, Kevin Donald Born said…

Thanks For the welcome aboard.

At 4:00pm on September 3, 2014, Kevin Donald Born said…

Thank you sir . I am surfing the site trying to learn as much as I can. Sean Graduates September 19th. Thank You for welcoming me aboard.

At 3:57pm on September 3, 2014, Brent Bedwell said…

Thank you Elmo.

At 12:57pm on September 2, 2014, Robert Greenlee said…

Thanks Elmo..your words are much appreciated. Look forward to hearing from my boy but this site really gives me alot of insite into what he is experiencing.

At 8:22pm on August 20, 2014, John Edward Griffin said…

I appreciate the family that we all share, all of our KIDS are the Best of the Best. Not many are willing to sacrifice the civilian life we enjoy in this country! Anyone have a Kid in Ship 12/ Div 311? That's my Daughters  unit. Hope all's going well with your Loved One!! Semper-Fi from an OLD Jarhed

At 7:48pm on August 11, 2014, Brett Jennings said…

Thank you for this website and all you have done for the navy dads and families. I am looking forward to staying involved with my son through this site and seeing what he is doing.


At 3:47pm on August 5, 2014, keith oliver said…

thanks for putting together a great website,lots of good stuff here.


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