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At 1:10pm on June 12, 2024, Scott Shiley said…

Thank you Paul for the welcome!  I enjoyed reading about your daughter's journey!

At 7:59am on February 22, 2024, Erika Cashin said…

Thank you Paul!  I really appreciate the information.  



At 11:31am on November 9, 2023, Curt Pavia said…

Thanks for the welcome, Paul, and for the advice on where to learn more. I'll check it out!

At 2:51pm on August 2, 2023, Ajax Trueblood said…

Hi Again... Just searched and found one of your previous answers on this... So Its not Ship 5, but more like the 'medical hold' section... Any info is appreciated

At 2:34pm on August 2, 2023, Ajax Trueblood said…

Hi Paul! Thanks for the welcome!  So big question... We just got word that my son-in-law has been put in the RCU, Recruit Convalescent Unit.  Waiting for medical tests.  What can you tell me about this? Is this the infamous Ship 5?  

At 4:22pm on March 29, 2023, Christopher Emmons said…

HAHA!  Not in history making double overtime they don't!!  Until next year, BEAT NAVY!!

At 10:47am on January 26, 2023, Joseph Hernandez said…

Thank you for the links Paul. Very much appreciated. Our son writes us as soon as his yeoman duties are up to date and as frequently as he can highlighting his days and even the not so eventful. He is in the top three for top cadet scoring at the moment. We're extremely proud that he gets "volunteered" to demonstrate skills. Proud at the leader he is becoming. Battle Stations 21 a mere two weeks away. Looking forward to his school time.

At 9:38am on October 7, 2022, Dave Miller said…

Thank you for the welcome; I was USN myself (ET on USS Anzio CG-68) from 1995-2001 so I'm sure there's quite a few things that Bryson will have in common with me; very odd to be in the same position that I put my own father in ~27yr ago though :-)

At 4:21am on September 6, 2022, Chris Treadway said…

Thanks Paul. Right now I guess he got moved to Ship 5. He has two medical waivers stemming from a DVT he had in high school from an injured vein. It’s been a year long and arduous process involving many military and civilian doctors to understand the records and get the waivers. Apparently now they want a waiver for a factor 5 gene he tested positive for back in 2018. I’m not sure how much fight he has left in him. He’s been trying for four years to get into the military and finally gets in and now this. I’m praying for him. 

At 12:45pm on June 28, 2022, Matthew tevere said…

Thank you for the warm welcome. My son AT1 is currently on deployment and has been in for 11 years now. I’m very proud of him serving our country. I was recently invited to do a tiger cruise this year and so I have looking for current info on the cruise, where to go, what to do, what to pack etc. Can anyone enlighten me???

At 12:57pm on June 19, 2022, Francisco E. Rios said…

Thanks so much. I appreciate it.

At 8:53am on June 9, 2022, Robert Tennant said…

Thanks Paul. We are excited to be part of this community. I'm sure to have lots of questions - Justin heads to RTC July7th. I have to say, the Navy Recruiting Station East Brunswick have been super helpful and informative. Great group of guys.

At 7:13pm on January 30, 2022, Ted Hoffart said…

Thanks Paul. Looking forward to learning more about Navy life for my daughter & Navy Dads for myself.

At 1:01pm on October 13, 2021, Armando Aguilar said…

Thank you Paul.  I'm very proud of my daughter and looking forward to participating in the group.  I will make sure to read the guidelines and security protocols before asking questions as I do have a few.  


At 5:48am on October 13, 2021, James Bud Morgan said…

Thanks Paul, I am glad there is a place like this to go and share our experiences, or knowledge, and our questions too! Look Forward to the Group and the interaction. Alex did surprise us all with his choosing the Navy, but something inside me says its the thing to do for him. We still all live at Ft Bragg, NC and the family runs deep in the Military both in the Air Force, and really deep in the Army. Many Generations of us. Somehow it must have been my wife and myself and our retirement to the Carolina Coast on our boats. Alex was four when e named our first, and we spent 278 days on the boat that year. By the time he was five he had his own skiff, he was diving using a Brownie Lung, doing flips off the pool board and hanging out at the Marina. So WHY in the World would I be surprised he has chosen the Navy.......I simply have no idea! Thanks for the Welcome Aboard! (Bud Morgan)

At 6:09pm on September 23, 2021, Aaron Smith said…

Thanks Paul,

I am glad you all are here. Even though I haven't been back after registering, I have been reading though all the information today. 


At 9:04am on September 8, 2021, Terry Polanco said…

Hello Paul, thank you so much and we really appreciate having a site like this.  I'm going to dive into the How to Get Started section as there seems to be so much helpful knowledge and information here.  Terry

At 11:12am on August 24, 2021, Kenneth W. Hinkle, Jr said…

Thanks for the welcome!  My daughter left yesterday for boot camp, so this is all news to me.... I have a lot to learn and with her being my baby (and only child in my house as she wanted to be with me after my divorce) for the last 4 years, it's definitely a hard thing to let her go.  Hoping to be able to attend graduation in 8 weeks (I have to figure out how I know which training group she's in so I know when the graduation is.... hopefully she will communicate that in a letter that I hope to get some day.)
Thanks again for the welcome, and I look forward to learning more about the Navy and being a part of this group.

At 7:38pm on August 22, 2021, John D O'Rourke said…

Paul, thanks so much for this helpful information! I'm so glad I found this forum! My wife and I are new to this and other than what I've read on line, we know nothing. 

Thanks again!


At 9:36pm on July 11, 2021, Keith S. Senko Sr said…

Thanks for the welcome. I too had no knowledge of Navy protocols or traditions, but proud of my son and can’t wait for graduation next month. I’ll keep you posted.


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