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At 3:44am on January 16, 2019, Peter S. Adam said…

Ahoy there! Grew up constantly hearing nautical terms; Mom - Navy Brat; Dad - Marine. Uncles all military pilots.  Heavy weather here in DC area.  Battening down the hatches. Storm warnings..... Time to weigh anchor and shove off.  God speed....  Peter S. ADAM

At 12:44pm on January 6, 2019, Dennis Valdez said…

Thanks for the welcome, Paul!

Tyler just went back to Newport R.I. for a couple more months at Officer Candidate School (OCS). He recently graduated from UCSC with a degree in Electrical Engineering and has been in the Nuclear Propulsion Officer program.

His OCS class had a break for the Holiday's.  My wife and I will be fly out from California for graduation on March 1st.

I look forward to exploring this site and getting to know some folks!



At 8:15pm on December 10, 2018, Rusty Pagano said…

Thanks for the warm welcome Paul. We live in Mesa in the Phoenix area. Just starting to explore the site and will definitely reach out to y'all if we have any questions.

At 12:09pm on November 8, 2018, Dax Eaton said…


Thank you for your response. Interesting to hear that your son Eric will be an instructor in P’Cola. I was raised there. My son shipped out yesterday for Great Lakes, and it was very emotional for his mother and myself. I look forward to his journey and the sailor he will become. My father was a recruit at Great Lakes in 57’, from there it was off to N.A.T.T.C school Norman, OK. and Memphis, TN. (AMH2). After that he was assigned to squadron VFP-62 @ NAS Jacksonville, and NAS Cecil Field. He was then assigned to squadron VT-3 Red Knights @ NAS South Whiting Field. From there he was assigned to “Westpac/ Vietnam deployment” 1964 with VF-151 aboard the USS Coral Sea (CV-43) . When VF-151 returned from deployment they joined USS Constellation (CV-64) 1966 and returned to South East Asia theater. He finished his service at NAS Miramar. I am very privileged that father will join me for PIR @ RTC late DEC, or early JAN (TBD).


At 6:52am on August 20, 2018, Mike said…

Thank you for the message and the information, it will definitely help with knowing what to expect over the next 8 weeks.

At 11:50am on August 16, 2018, Bob Wayne said…

Thank you for your email. I look forward to reading and learning more about the Navy as my daughter just got started. 

At 7:17pm on August 15, 2018, Kyle Stephens said…

Thank you for the welcome!

My son shipped on 8/2 and we received the initial phone call and his personal belongings. However we haven’t received any additional letters from RTC. We have terrible mail service and don’t want to miss graduation notifications or his mailing address/ ship number. Can anyone tell me at what point we should be notified of these things?  Thanks in advance!

At 3:16pm on August 12, 2018, Edquader said…
Thank you so much for your comments. I love the quote toward the end! I will be sure to read through the information thoroughly :)
At 10:26am on August 11, 2018, David Dieterle said…

Thank you for the welcome, Paul! I work for Lockheed Martin and we do most of our work for the Navy so I am not a complete fish out of water when it comes to the Navy, but I am sure this site will help me learn many things that I am unaware of. Thanks again for the welcome.

At 7:09pm on July 3, 2018, Murvin Butler said…

Thanks for the greeting and welcome.  I am a second gen. U.S. Navy, my Dad was a SeaBee station at Pt. Mugu, and my son is a sailor fix'in to start boot camp.  He had 2 Uncles in Air Force both deceased.  I'm happy as everything with him going into the Navy.

At 1:17am on June 22, 2018, Drew Taylor said…

Thanks for the welcome, Paul.  I appreciate you sharing the OPSEC link.  With so much information to absorb, we often don't think of things that are so obvious and it's nice to be reminded.  I look forward to meeting and sharing with other Navy families here.


At 8:13am on April 11, 2018, Kevin Hayes said…

Thank you both for the quick acceptance and insight you've offered.  I wish I would have found this site prior to my son's PIR.  He's just bagan A school and I think I'm more excited than he is.  I did review the OPSEC link, I get it.  I too am very proud of my son.  He is the first in my immediate family to serve our country.  Thanks agin guys............KEV

At 8:59am on March 10, 2018, Nick Padway said…


Thanks for the welcome information.  I have been a member of the FB page for sometime, but only learned of the website today.  The web site is loaded with great information, congratulations.  I hope to be able to spend more time on it and learning.  I do feel like a “veteran parent” as our daughter has been active duty (including training) for almost 2.5 years now and will soon complete 2 years overseas in Yokosuka and be home around the end of this month for a brief week before she moves on to her next permanent duty station.  She will be home for the first time in 27 months! So we are very excited though we did go over to Japan and had the chance to spend some time with her over there and meet the exceptional group that she works with.  Makes one incredibly proud to know that your child is working and spending time with such talented and clear thinking people.  I should note that even as. JAG officer she spent almost 5 months deployed at sea last summer, three of which were on a guided missile destroyer, so her overseas experience has truly been well rounded.  

Again, thanks for putting together a great web site.

Nick Padway

At 10:50am on January 25, 2018, Stan S said…

Paul, thank you very much for the information, links and sharing your personal story.  I appreciate the time and energy devoted to making this site available and welcoming to those of us new to this experience!


At 12:45pm on January 8, 2018, Kathleen Watson said…

Thanks so much Paul,

I will be sure to study the site.  I am so grateful to have this information and place to feel a part of the experience.

thanks again!


At 2:16pm on December 22, 2017, David Wisinger said…

Thanks ! My son joined in June 2015 and after he got out of high school June 2016 he went to basic January 3 2017 after basic he went to CTR school for 7 months and now been in San Diego for about a month he on the USS Boxer.

At 3:57pm on December 15, 2017, mario said…

Thanks paul

At 8:03am on December 2, 2017, Erik Resch said…

Thank you Paul! My eldest arrived at bootcamp on Wednesday. My other son is currently in the DEP. I'm pretty sure after New Year's they're going to push his date up. I've been doing my best to educate myself. This is a great place for that.

At 1:31pm on November 27, 2017, Bryan Fortner said…

I spent 10 years in the Navy and this has been something my son has wanted to do his entire life.

At 7:51am on November 6, 2017, sussan perry said…

Hi Paul,

First of all ,thank you for responding. I do not have a comment, but I do have a concern in regard to my nephew Kyle. While Kyle was stationed in Japan, he incurred some injuries to his Head, which I believe affected his brain, and he is no longer the person he use to be. Because of his age (he's now 28) we do not know where to turn for help. he enrolled in 2009 at the age of 21. It breaks my heart to see him like this, hence the reason for me reaching out. I am hoping that you or someone can guide us, in this situation ,as to where do we go from here.We live in New york.

I anxiously look forward to your response and guidance.

thank you 



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