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At 2:37pm on July 16, 2021, Doug Zerby said…

asking a i dont know question if you are put in a div. like 905 is that a special div 

At 6:29am on July 7, 2021, Phillip Brath said…

Thank you. Looking forward to learning more about  the Navy and what my son is doing. 

Thank you for your efforts in this site and Facebook. 


At 6:07pm on June 27, 2021, Mike Stidham said…

That makes complete sense! Thanks for clearing that up!!!


At 5:56pm on June 27, 2021, Mike Stidham said…

Thanks for the welcome.  Thus us all new, but I am looking forward to finding out all I can.  My son is in boot camp now.  He has been assigned a division and ship.  If his ship is stationed at a particular port, should I assume that he will stationed there after A school? Just curious what the normal process is. He will be an AE.

Again, thanks for the welcome as we begin this journey.


At 2:31pm on June 24, 2021, John Cooper said…

Thanks Jim. 

At 9:39pm on May 22, 2021, Daniel English said…

Thank you guys. I couldn't be prouder of my son than I am now. I just got to speak to him for the first time since he started because his unit pulled a great inspection score and was rewarded with a phone call they thought they had lost. I can hear the struggle in his voice and I wish I could share it with him, but this is his time. I wish covid hadn't spoiled the graduation service, but we'll see him soon enough in A school after boot camp is behind him and he's working to be a nuke. Adversity breeds strength and I can already see that strength growing in him. So glad to be a part of this community that I never really expected to be.

At 7:41pm on May 8, 2021, Lori Burns said…

Thank you for your message.  I am not sure if he signed the HIPPA but I will certainly find out.  I know that he does not plan on trying again and just wants home for good.  

At 5:07pm on April 11, 2021, Mark Garratt said…

Thanks for your comments .  If USPS is the only way to send mail,   how do I learn his address?

Mark Garratt 

At 9:45pm on February 9, 2021, Jeff Doggett said…

thank you Jim ... very much appreciate the work you put into the site ... 

At 10:09am on February 2, 2021, Karl Meyer said…

Thank you sir. My son is an SNA stationed in Kingsville training to fly F/A-18s. He is on schedule to wing in April.

At 7:25pm on February 1, 2021, phil VanBlarcum said…

Thank you for the welcome! As we venture into a new chapter for Logan we feel any resources such as this platform will be very useful. Just an FYI Logan has gone through MEPS and is to report to boot camp Feb 15th or March 1st. So proud and excited for him and the opportunity to be apart of the NAVY!

Thank you


At 3:39pm on January 13, 2021, S Scott Shortess said…

Thank you Jim.  I appreciate what you do to keep this site up.

At 10:26pm on January 2, 2021, Marc DeLorge said…

Hi Jim, thank you for writing.

I heard from Paul earlier, and he gave me a couple of links to look around the site with.

I'm still waiting to hear from my daughter, she arrived at RTC on December 2 and I received the 30 second phone call, but have not heard anything since. I've heard the "no news is good news" several times, but a Dad is always going to worry about his daughter.

Thanks again, and Happy New Year!


At 6:20am on December 10, 2020, Catherine Pantik said…

Thank you for adding me, a proud Navy Mom! For full disclosure, I joined Navy Moms San Diego too ;)) I don’t want to miss anything! Are there any SWCC parents on board? 

At 4:05pm on November 25, 2020, Stephen rovenger said…

I haven't been on this site since joining as my wife gets the support she needs from Navy Moms. Our son, Gregory, went thru 2 yrs of extensive training in the nuclear protocol. He was home on leave last week and has been assigned duty on the Eisenhower for eventual deployment sometime and somewhere. He plans to reenlist when the ship sails.

For the other dads here whose children are also sailing somewhere, have them create an email address when they get on board. That way there will be communication between you when they're allowed to do so. Cell phones are not allowed to be used. 

At 5:37pm on November 8, 2020, Stephen Decatur said…

Thank you for the add Jim, Definitely proud of him but I have to admit This is his first time away from how and he is struggling a little, which makes it a little rough on us. Hes strong though so Im sure he will do fine, Got our first letter from him Saturday, but damn post office put the stamp over the zip code so cant read the last 4 numbers, and of course no official letter ever arrived, but we will call the recruiter tomorrow to get it figured out. Once again Thanks for adding me There seems to be a wealth of information here.

At 11:46pm on October 22, 2020, Peter Timewell said…

Thank you for the welcome message, Jim.

My son has his orders to A-School but he is in a THU in Ship 7 (still at RTC) waiting for travel.

He has his cell phone, but it is not working.  He can text but not talk.  (Texts are better than nothing! :)

I need to look around the site to see what all is here.

Thanks again,

Peter Timewell

At 11:51pm on September 18, 2020, Mike & Michelle Johnston said…

Thank you for welcoming me .. I have a lot to learn and I'm eager to do so.  

At 8:30pm on August 29, 2020, Eliot said…

Thank you for the warm welcome Jim. Our son left for bootcamp early Sept of last year.  Is now in Goose Cr, SC.   Just wanting to Try to understand what he is going through.  Though no visits because of Covid, have sensed a big, positive change in him on our periodic phone chats.  Thanks for making this group.


At 11:28pm on July 25, 2020, Matthew Pappas said…

Thank you for the add to this great resource. As of right now it's T-minus 3 1/2 days until I take him up to the hotel and then his flight out to RTC is on Thursday. So many emotions for sure, I appreciate the resources this site and the Facebook group offers. I hope to learn from all of you. My dad was 22 years active in the Navy on Heavy Cruisers and Submarines, but I was just born about 2 years before he retired. Im definitely excited for my son, although the reality is starting to hit him here leading up to it and he's definitely nervous because of the unknown aspect. I have full confidence in him; hopefully his RTC experience will help him gain some of that confidence for himself too. 


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