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United States Navy Enlisted Ratings

Administration Community

CMDCM--Command Master Chief

CMDCS - Command Senior Chief

LN -- Legalman

MC -- Mass Communication Specialist

NCC -- Navy Counselor (Career and Recruiter)

MU -- Musician

PS--Personnel Specialist

YN -- Yeoman

RP -- Religious Program Specialist

AG--Aerographer's Mate

Aviation Community

A-PACT - Aviation/Airman Professional Apprenticeship Track

ABE -- Aviation Boatswain's Mate -- Equipment

ABF -- Aviation Boatswain's Mate -- Fuels

ABH -- Aviation Boatswain's Mate -- Handling

AC -- Air Traffic Controller

AD -- Aviation Machinist's Mate

AE -- Aviation Electrician's Mate

AM -- Aviation Structural Mechanic

AME Aviation Structural Mechanics, Safety Equipment

AO -- Aviation Ordnanceman

AS -- Aviation Support Equipment Technician

AT -- Aviation Electronics Technician

Aircrew Program (AIRC/AIRR)

AWF -- Naval Aircrewman Mechanical

AWO -- Naval Aircrewman Operator

AWR -- Naval Aircrewman Tactical-Helicopter

AWS -- Naval Aircrewman Helicopter

AWV -- Naval Aircrewman Avionics

AZ -- Aviation Maintenance Administrationman

PR -- Aircrew Survival Equipmentman 

AF/AV Airframe/Avionics Master Chiefs

 Cryptologic Community (Language, Computers)

CTI -- Cryptologic Technician Interpretive

CTM--Cryptologic Technician Maintenance

CTN--Cryptologic Technician Networks

CTR--Cryptologic Technician Collection

CTT--Cryptologic Technician Technical

IT--Information System Technician

ITS--Information Systems Technician Submarines

 Intelligence Community

 IS -- Intelligence Specialist

Medical/Dental Community

HM -- Hospital Corpsman

Nuclear Community

EMN -- Electrician's Mate, Nuclear Power

ETN -- Electronic Technician, Nuclear Power

MMN-Machinists Mate, Nuclear Power

SEABEE Community (Construction)

BU -- Builder

CE -- Construction Electrician

CM -- Construction Mechanic

EA--Engineering Aide

Seabee UCT Diver Challenge

EO -- Equipment Operator

SW -- Steelworker

UT Utilitiesman
Security Community (Military Police)

MA -- Master-at-Arms
Special Warfare/Special Ops Community
EOD -- Explosive Ordnance Disposal

ND--Navy Diver

SO -- Special Warfare Operator (Navy SEAL)

SB -- Special Warfare Boat Operator (SWCC)

Submarine Community

CS-- Culinary Specialist, Submarine

ETR--Electronics Technician, Submarines, Communications

SECF--Submarine Electronics/Computer Field

ETV--Electronics Technician, Navigation

FT -- Fire Control Technician

MMW-Machinists Mate, Non-Nuclear, Submarine Weapons

MMA-Machinists Mate, Non-Nuclear, Submarine Auxiliary

MT -- Missile Technician

(TM) Torpedoman's Mate

STS-Sonar Technician Submarine

YNS -- Yeoman, Submarines

IT or ITS (Subsurface) Information Systems Techinician
Supply Community

CS -- Culinary Specialist (Surface)

LS -- Logistics Specialist

RS -- Retail Services Specialist
Surface Combat Systems/Operations Community

S-Pact - Surface/Seaman Professional Apprenticeship Track

E-Pact-Engineering/Fireman Professional Apprenticeship Track

BM -- Boatswain's Mate

ET or ET (N) Electronics Technician (See AECF)

FC -- Fire Controlman (See AECF)

FCA--Fire Control Aegis

AECF--Advanced Electronics Computer Field (Also see ET and FC Ratings)

GM -- Gunner's Mate

MN -- Mineman

OS--Operations Specialist

QM -- Quartermaster

(STG)-Sonar Technician, Surface

Surface Engineering Community

DC--Damage Controlman

EN -- Engineman

EM -- Electrician's Mate

GS -- Gas Turbine System Technician (GSE, GSM)

HT-Hull Maintenance Technician

IC -- Interior Communictions Electrician

MR -- Machinery Repairman

MM -- Machinist's Mate (Surface)

What is the difference between rate and rating?

Rating Change May Strengthen Career

Discontinued and Changed Ratings



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