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Aviation Rescue Swimmer School(ARSS)

As an Aviation Rescue Swimmer, your Sailor will be part of a highly conditioned group, dedicated to being the top emergency response unit in the world. They will routinely put the lives of others before their own and will be applying their intense physical and mental training to challenging real-world situations where there's often no margin for error.

The mission of a Rescue Swimmer is to execute search and rescue (SAR) operations from rotary wing aircraft. Your Sailor must be physically conditioned to routinely perform demanding rescues in all operational environments. Your Sailors expertise will provide fleet commanders the ability to assist Department of Defense and civilian personnel in distress. Your rescue swimmer must be in, and maintain, proper physical condition, be proficient with rescue equipment and have the basic first aid, CPR knowledge and skills necessary to recover and assist personnel during SAR operations. Your Sailor must also be able to function in physiologically demanding environments at sea or on land during day or night operations.


 Some of the many duties your Sailor will experience as an AIRR


Saving pilots of downed aircraft, people aboard stranded or capsized vessels at sea or even hikers and mountain climbers in danger on land


Rescuing civilians during natural disasters and collaborating with other forces, such as the Coast Guard " like the joint rescue missions that saved thousands of lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita and the tsunami in Japan


Working as a Crew Chief on a H-60 helo, where the primary duties are to make sure the rescue swimmer and the pilot are on the same page and to operate the hoist in rescues


Delivering aid and supplies to other countries in humanitarian operations


Providing support to Naval Special Warfare Operations


Conducting surveillance in anti-submarine warfare and drug interdiction operations


Transporting troops and cargo to and from ships

Training Site:

Naval Aviation Schools Command

181 Chambers Ave Suite C

Pensacola, Fl 32508-5221

Swimmer School Course Length:

25 Training Days

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