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Battle Stations 21 - USS Trayer


The USS Trayer is the site of boot camps new Battle Stations trainer (Battle Stations 21). This will be your Recruits final test of endurance, strength, and teamwork to becoming a "United States Sailor". They will endure 12 straight hours of obstacles that may face them once at Sea.

Trayer is a 3/4-scale, 210 feet long mockup of an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer enclosed within a 157,000-square-foot building on board RTC. The trainer uses Hollywood-style special effects to create challenging and realistic training scenarios for recruits. Recruit divisions work through a 12-hour Battle Stations 21 experience as a comprehensive test of the skills and teamwork learned during their eight weeks of basic training at RTC.




Battle Stations 21 on CNN


Battlestations: There is always interest in knowing when your sailor starts battlestations. This is from the public affairs officer at Great Lakes:

"We do not give out any specific training schedules of the recruits including Battle Stations. Your recruit is the only one who is allowed to give you that information."

While you may want to share information about BS21 with others, please observe OPSEC rules and only communicate that information by private message.


BS21 Photos



 Rare Navy Footage that describes the facility





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This video is very informative. Glad you made this available for all to see. Thank you Gary F.
Everytime I see a video on battlestations I have to smile.................when Doug PIR'd last Sept I asked him about it. He was all hush hush, they really arent allowed to say much. When I should him I video I had found online show battlestations and interviews with the recruits he almost fell off his chair. He told us that the RDC's were telling them how secret it was.......................gotta love the miltary.
I could be wrong on this but I believe Disney World is who built the USS Trayer for the Navy.

I had posted this way back in November--- tells a little about the facility:

Battle Stations 21 Honored as Best 2008 Design-Build Project in U.S.
Story Number: NNS081111-06
Release Date: 11/11/2008 4:40:00 PM

By Bill Couch, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Midwest Public Affairs

GREAT LAKES, Ill. (NNS) -- The Navy's unique, high-tech simulator of shipboard emergencies to test Recruits at Recruit Training Command (RTC) Great Lakes won a national award for construction project excellence Nov. 3.

Battle Stations 21's USS Trayer, a life-like mockup of an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer and its surrounding 157,000-square-foot building, was recognized by the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) as the best overall design-build project in the United States for 2008, cited for exemplary interdisciplinary teamwork, innovation and problem-solving in creating the one-of-a-kind facility. The project won "best overall" over 29 winners in 13 categories for DBIA's annual competition.

"It's such an honor to accept this award and represent the Navy side of the team that brought such an important, complex project to life," said Capt. Jake Washington, commanding officer of Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Midwest. "Thanks to a tremendous amount of hard work, innovation and attention to detail by people from NAVFAC, McHugh Construction, and NAVAIR (Naval Air Systems Command), the Navy has a cutting-edge, utterly convincing simulator that prepares our Sailors better than ever before to face emergency situations at sea."

DBIA's National Design-Build Project Awards recognize public and private construction-related projects that successfully demonstrate design-build principles including collaboration, integration and finding unique solutions for project challenges.

Constructing Trayer, its support systems and its surrounding building, which also houses RTC headquarters and Recruit Division Commander School, took more than three years of close coordination between construction and contracting agent NAVFAC, the simulation and training experts at NAVAIR, and Chicago-based James McHugh Construction Company.

In addition to conventional building requirements, Battle Stations 21 also has to support special effects technology from the theme park industry to simulate shipboard scenarios including fire, flooding and mass casualty events.

"This is a wonderful recognition by industry of the groundbreaking work done by the Navy and our commercial partners to support our Sailors with the best training possible," said Washington. "Thanks to some superb, sustained teamwork by project managers, engineers, design experts, construction professionals and many others, we have a uniquely effective facility that will serve the Navy's needs for many years to come."

Thanks for posting. My daughter and her division will be going through Battle Stations this up coming week. I wish I could tour the facility. It must be technologically amazing.
Below is a link to a CNN story about the USS Trayer. It does not get into depth about Battlestations as the above videos did but it is still good to watch
How do you see the video??
click the Play arrow in Pt 1: Part 2 video is not available anymore

Jana Johns said:
How do you see the video??
The honest truth about Battlestations is that it's not as hard as most people expect, if you've paid attention over the course of boot camp. The anticipation was the worst, and staying awake. But...really, they train us to be ready for it. Oh, but if you lose your head, your common sense? That's when things go downhill.

this is ALL public info that was found on the internet....


Great video, they didn't have anything like this in '75. We went to fire fighting training for a couple of days right before PIR. It was tough but not a 12 hour evolution ,if memory serves it was 2 eight hour days. They loaded us up in cattle trailers and took us to the training area. A huge concrete building that they built a fire in we had to do a walk-thru , lots of thick smoke. Fuel tank fires, electrical fires and burning metal fires were all demonstrated and we put fires out. Learned how to use Scott air packs, fire hoses and extinguishers etc....

This is incredible looks really intense. Great videos. I am excited for my son.

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