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Got a call from my sailor last night. He is very upset about the new sytem of doing away with the ratings. he asked me to share why and ask anyone I know to sign the petition. the navy has a longstanding tradition of the ratings system and to hear his frustration And passion and pride and i can only suppose those who have ever cared about something will be able to relate. From what he said and I read this is a pretty unanimous frustrstion he shares. I read several comments about it so I will share mine from my son. Becoming proficient at something takes time. Will we not sacrifice strength and efficiency as a team by allowing everyone to move around? How good would a football team be if everyone played quarterback. Being a part of a team means working together and utilizing your strengths and growing in your role. Please ask questions comment and talk to your sailors. Please research and share this and sign If you agree. One final note. A friend of mine in hiring said it doesn't ever matter what someone did in he military, if they are military he is hiring them.

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Then on the other hand, maybe this will all work out in the end. One of two things are going to happen here, the Navy is going to implement the change regardless of what the rank and file feel, or they will scrap the idea and keep doing what they have been doing for a hundred years and keep the status quo. OR, third option, make some changes that will do some good. Make it easier for our sailors to cross rate by eliminating some of the red tape. 

I guess we wait and see. This change will take some time anyway. I predict two to three years to fully make the switch...if they do it at all or modify it.


when I get home and can get the OK, I'll post a counterpoint from a Navy Chief I know currently teaching in Rhode Island

Posted by a friend of mine- Navy Chief currently stationed in Rhode Island:

So, all this talk and outrage over the change to our Navy got me thinking about my own career. I posted the following in a private forum, but I feel it's worth sharing publicly:
***In all fairness, I like the concept of a Sailor being able to learn new jobs, skills and gain different abilities throughout their career. 
I look back over my own career as a pretty decent example:
Always either in a repair locker, on DCTT, in-port emergency team, locker leader.... that's not MC related, but it sure was fun, and I learned a lot.
Standing security watches - pier sentry, gate guard, shore patrol -- that's not MC related, but some of the stuff I've seen in those watches are the best stories I have.
Working TAD in Supply - even as a Chief - was one of my best times in the Navy. I worked with Sailors from every rate on the ship. I learned the ins and outs of major Supply Dept evolutions, all the safety and inspection programs... 
Then I drove a carrier for a couple of years, learning the radar systems, qualifying for navigation and deck evolutions, flight operations, aft steering watches, helm safety and Conn during UNREP... some of the most exciting times in my career.
And I still did some really cool MC shit too. 
But imagine a Sailor getting to experience these and more opportunities in ways that equate to actual certifications in the real world... I think that's pretty cool.***

This is not going over well in the Fleet  -  at least with the enlisted sailors.  They all know that the real reason was to eliminate the "-man" from the Navy.  My son tells me that they all think that the whole idea is "utter bull[feces]".  The poll that I saw has it 92 - 8 opposed.

He informed me that he is a corpsman (FMF), and that his Marines may address him as that or Doc.  That he is a Petty Officer (2nd class) is only incidental.  The sailors are tremendously proud of their ratings  -  they worked hard to learn and perfect their specialties, and now the brass wants to yank that away.

Cross rating has always been possible in the Navy.  Nothing has changed.  Political Correctness has finally won, that's all.  How does this enhance esprit de corps?  It doesn't, that's how.

As far as appealing to POTUS is concerned, forget it.  The current occupant has no idea about how hard these sailors work, about how little pay they receive, or about how proud they are of their ratings.  

I understand that the thoughts and concerns of the enlisted [not] rates don't matter, but this is the proverbial fart in church.  What were they thinking?

Proud father of an L500 (FMF)

Well let me be clear, I know nothing about the military and the history. I am learning. Everyone seems to be focusing on defending the US Navy on this and saying what a good thing this could be. I am asking also for input to Paul, Tom and the admins, if your son and daughter were upset, what would you say. I know we all want our children to grow up and be proud of something. So tell me what you do when your child wants to be proud to be a mineman, a part of a small rating. Who is pursuing his path. I don't know what all he was talking about. Something about bars on his shoulder when he achieves another ranking that are specific to his mineman rating. What does this do to the ASVAB? What purpose does it serve? I just want my son to have pride and I want to care about what's important to him and to support him. So to see him frustrated, that's where I am.. As a parent. give me opinions and advice on that. You all are parent as well. The navy is going to do what they want. But what do I say or do to keep him encouraged and passionate.

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   I do not yet fully understand the changes that the Navy wants to implement, so I can't offer a fully informed opinion. I have no problem with an easier ability to cross-rate. I tend to lean on tradition. If it is about semantics.....then I think it is bull! My daughter bore her title did all of her shipmates! Every Sailor has a base skill to start with. Anything that makes them more well rounded is a good thing. Why reinvent the wheel? The ASVAB simply measures inherent abilities within certain I don't see that being affected in any way.

Change is hard. Small or large, it's hard. Traditions change all the time. Without some change, things get stale and old. I never thought I'd see the day when there would be no more Labor Day Telethon. No more "Jerry's Kids." But life went on. 

My son was an AWO2. Air Warfare Operator. Petty Officer 2nd class. If he were still in the Navy, he would simply be a Petty Officer 2nd class, and he is qualified to do this job, this job and that job. Be sure to read up above what Paul posted from his friend who is a Navy Chief. I think it speaks volumes. It's obvious that our sailors at times wear many different hats. These changes are going to allow this new generation of sailors to transition into civilian life a lot easier and more and more opportunities for them. Today's sailor will be the ones that will be the business people of the future. 

I don't see that current sailors will have their rating stripped away. 

When my son took his ASVAB test, he was given a pretty large list of the types of things he was qualified to do. He could only pick one, then pick the alternatives.  But now, they can pick many over the course of their Naval career. 

I believe that this will lead to a lot more sailors re-enlisting when the time comes. Too many serve their 4 and go.

At any rate...let's give this a chance.


In Keeping with the Highest Traditions   read this:


Just to be clear....I'm not defending what the Navy has decided to do...I am saying that this may give them far more flexibility in moving personnel around and responding to external needs. 

and if I remember, many said the world was coming to an end when women were allowed on combat ships...I'm sure Tom agrees that, as fathers of Navy veteran daughters, we're darn proud of the service our girls performed! 

Good point about women in combat. Thanks for the post on the highest traditions. I sent it to my son with a challenge to continue to strive to be the best sailor and challenge his teammates to work together. I appreciate the fact we were able to share thoughts and not lose our heads. Thanks for all the feedback. In the end I am jut going to pray. After the emotions calm that is usually what I do. Maybe one day I will remember to do that first. Have a good week guys!

Well said's an emotional change and will be discussed for a long long time! When it comes down to it, our sailors are professionals and will respond to what ever change is made with the same professionalism as they always do! 

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