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My son has initially choosen a rate that will supposed to be ship out this December this year but then he change his mind and wanna change that rate again to another one so he choose again another rate that will be scheduled for shipping out this late November ,2008.

My concern is that if my son wants to change again the rate that he has choosen the second time, is it allowed for him to choose a rate/job that will be scheduled for shipping out next year instead of shipping out this year and will wait until there is an opening for the job that he really want ?

The recruiter told us that he should be leaving for boot camp on or before December . The reason for this is that December was the initial Shipping date of my son for the job that he first chosen and is not allowed to be ship out for another date that will exceed December 2008? Is this true about what the recruiter is saying regarding this matter? Or they are just harassing my son to be ship out as soon as they can? If my son wants to be ship out next year for the job that will available next year and not this year, Is he allowed to do that or it cannot be?

My son thinks that he wants to be ship out next year and will wait for the job that he wants . Is this possible or my son will just stick to what the recruiter said ?

Share me your ideas .

I would be grateful for your responses.


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Tem from what I understand is once they pick a job and head for boot camp that is their job for the next two years. My son wanted a job which he qualified for but his recruiter told him their were no positions availble at the time. They will let you switch rates two years in. So my son enlisted as another rate and should be able to switch in two years. I've heard of kids switching jobs while in boot camp but not many. Once he graduates I think he is stuck with what he choose. My son is stuck with a rate he really did not want but is making the best of it. It will give him time to do schooling and know the next direction he wants to go in. I can see why the Navy makes them wait two years to switch. If everyone was able to switch jobs multiple times whenever they wanted it would cause havoc. This isn't fact but what I've learned by my son trying to switch rates. My son has been in for 7 months and tryed to switch rates in month 4. He hasn't had any luck. He volunteered for IA which will put his boots on the ground in Iraq for 12 months. After that they will let him pick his next orders. But the downside is by the time he trains and does his tour over there he will be right at 2 years in. So he would have been able to switch at that mark without doing the tour. Best of luck. Keep me posted. Just know by my experience is that Mark will be just fine.
May I suggest you try the Ask a Recruiter Group and see if NC1 Sean Erickson can help clear up some of the confusion?
Looks like I may have answers to my own questions here already as brooklyn was talking about changing rates before A School starts cause she doesnt want to wait till March 23rd now that she knows she doesn't Class up till then. She wanting to change from AD to EOD because she said she heard EOD training starts in January. Does anyone here have suggestions on this idea of hers? I would like to hear it. Thanks.

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