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My daughter is flying out from CA this afternoon.

How do. Find out her class info, graduation date, etc.

I want to buy tickets ASAP to see if I can get them cheaper.

Geez I think I'm more nervous than her.


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Jerry....In a couple of weeks you will receive a Form Letter from RTC. It will contain all of this information as well as her get to writing!!! Letters at Basic are a huge help to your SR. It will also contain a password to download a Gate Pass for PIR should you rent a car when you attend. ..Best of luck to your daughter!

I can write anytime????
How do I address letter?

   You will have to wait until the Form Letter comes. It takes a little time to get the Divisions and Ships (barracks) set up. It will contain her address in the proper format...but you can begin to write letters in advance so that she will get a bunch to begin with. Number them so that she reads them in sequence. She will only write back once per week beginning around Week 4. Her letters are mailed on Mondays so you will get them mid-week.


My pleasure, Sir! You will first receive the "Kid in a Box". This will contain whatever she arrived at RTC with....the Form letter will follow in a few days....Welcome to the Navy family!

Gosh, you sound like me 2 months ago!  Super excited for you. 

You should be receiving a form letter from your daughter within 10 days after arrival at boot camp. 

The form letter will have all the critical info you need.  She'll have written in 4 items that will apply to you and may be indicated as follows:

1. Your Recruit's Mailing Address:

    SR My Beautiful Daughter, First Name, MI


    3600 OHIO STREET

    GREAT LAKES, IL 60088 - XXXX

2.  Your Recruit's Graduation Date: DAY MONTH YEAR

3.  The Password to Access the Vehicle Gate Pass: XXXGETMEINFAST!!!

4.  Your Recruit's Intended Guests: Limited to 4 unless otherwise noted.  Children ages 2 and younger do not count towards the 4.  Be sure to decide on the 4 names (Full Names) for her guest list before she leaves. 

Best wishes!

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