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My son just informed me he passed the Orals & Written tests for this designation.  He gets a pin and now has (SW) as part of his title.


He put a lot of time in studying for this and what I'm wondering is how, if at all,  this helps him in his career for advancement/promotion.  Do they get any advancement points for this,  or do they need to have this to advance beyond a certain rank ?

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If I'm understanding this. Your Sailor will receive a ribbon "pin"? for everything he accomplishes. A ribbon for graduating boot camp, marksmanship, deployments, etc. Anything he can do to add a ribbon to his uniform we greatly benefit him every step of the way. It depends on your sons drive, which sounds great. If he's willing to work for them he can receive ribbons that most Sailors won't waste time going after.

One of my good friends in the Army and now with Delta Force had this advice for my son before leaving for boot camp "add every possible ribbon you can to your uniform" So I'm guessing the more hardware you have on your uniform will definitely play a part in advancement/promotion.
My son tells me that he would have to have earned his Air Warfare pin advance to E-5. However the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy recently announced that all personnel would be expected to earn their specialist pin as professionals in today Navy.
FYI the ribbon awarded to all graduates of RTC (Boot Camp) is the National Defense Ribbon. It is awarded to all uniformed military personel serving at a time that our country is engaged in armed conflict.
Congratulations to your sailor! Earning their EWSW pin is alot of hard work and an achievement that used to be award to the "best of the best". MCPON West has now implemented a plan where all fleet sailors need to earn their pin within 30 months of reporting to the fleet and it has become a big focus for the fleet.

This is not the same as ribbon, they are actually very nice pins. I'll try to find a good photo for you. Hopefully you will get some photos of your sailor being pinned.
Here's some basic info on the pin:
Warfare Qualification - Surface Warfare

Surface Warfare insignia
Main article: Surface Warfare insignia
Surface Warfare insignia are breast insignia of the surface warfare community. They are issued to those naval personnel who are trained and qualified to perform duties aboard United States surface warships. The Surface Warfare Officer insignia was first proposed in 1972, and by 1980 a variety of the Surface Warfare insignia had been approved for issuance.
Line officers of the surface warfare community earn the Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) insignia. Enlisted personnel who complete the Enlisted Surface Warfare qualification program earn the Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) insignia. Other insignia for qualification in specialized areas exists in Medical Corps, Nurse Corps, Dental Corps, Medical Service Corps, and Supply Corps.
It's definitely a Pin and not a ribbon. From what I understand there are 2 pins. One is an Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (SW), the other is an Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist (AW).

I recall having read something somewhere that advancement above a certain level would require this designation, but now I can't seem to find this reference. Not sure if what I read was a current requirement or a proposed future requirement. Anyways, thanks all for the info.
My son indicated to me as a part of Aircrew that advancement to E-5 is by a collection of "points" earned from a varity of sources, such as the test results, air warfare pin, functional quals or specailties, and accumulated time/tests. Those who have more "history" have acquired a better overall portfolio of "points" that allows them to be the ones moving up. It is really hard in the first one or two tests to score enough to overtake those with these accumulated "points", however there is not a specific rule he has heard that says you have to have the warfare pin to get to E-5. He says no doubt it adds valuble points and he is working on getting his hopefully by the next advancement tests this fall.
More than just 2 warfare pins.

Surface Warfare
Submarine Warfare
Special Warfare
Special Operations Warfare
Aviation Warfare
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Warfare
Fleet Marine Force
Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist
Information Dominance Corps
Warfare pins DO NOT count towards points for promotion,ie the FINAL MULTIPLE SCORE (FMS).

Award Promotion Points
Medal of Honor 10
Navy Cross 5
Distinguished Service Medal 4
Silver Star Medal 4
Legion of Merit 4
Distinguished Flying Cross 4
Navy and Marine Corps Medal 3
Soldier's Medal 3
Bronze Star Medal 3
Purple Heart 3
Defense Meritorious Service Medal 3
Meritorious Service Medal 3
Gold Life Saving Medal 3
Joint Service Commendation Medal 3
Commendation Medal 3
Executive Letter of Commendation 2
Joint Service Achievement Medal 2
Achievement Medal 2
Combat Action Ribbon 2
Good Conduct Medal (Navy or Marine Corps) 2
Naval Reserve Meritorious Service Medal 2
Aviation Aircrew Insignia 2
Navy Fleet Marine Force Ribbon 2
Air Medal (Strike/Flight) 1
T-AFS Tour 1
Letter of Commendation (Flag/Senior Executive Service) 1
Recruiter Duty 1

An ESWS pin doesn't directly effect promotion, but it's pretty much expected of every PO, so the lack of an ESWS may reflect negatively at evaluation time.
Update - Looks like they are now requiring this for promotion.

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Initial enlisted warfare qualifications are now mandatory for all Sailors per the recent release of NAVADMIN 268-10.

The NAVADMIN announces the release of OPNAVINST 1414.9, Navy Enlisted Warfare Qualification Programs Instruction, which issues the basic overarching requirements for the qualification and designation of all enlisted warfare programs.

The arduous and often unforgiving environment we operate in as a Navy and Sailor dictates the need for all personnel to have a basic understanding and operating knowledge of the platform or command to which they are assigned.

Warfare programs are essential in ensuring our Sailors understand and are able to effectively engage a casualty, operate equipment or platforms safely and ensure backup as needed. Warfare qualifications are about ship, shipmate and self, and ensure the safety and safe operation of each command and platform on a daily basis.

"It's a standard every Sailor must achieve. The warfare device itself is a symbol that the Sailors who are wearing it have a basic level of knowledge to ensure they are capable of fighting the ship, saving a shipmate and ensuring the safety of themselves at all times," said Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON), Rick D. West. "Having every Sailor at or working toward that level will only strengthen the war-fighting ability of that command and the Navy."

According to the NAVADMIN, qualification and/or re-qualification is mandatory for all enlisted Sailors assigned to designated warfare qualifying commands.

Warfare sponsors (Type Commanders) will establish specific qualification and re-qualifying timelines however, the maximum allowable time for initial qualification of all enlisted Sailors assigned to designated warfare qualifying commands will not exceed 30 months. Timelines for warfare qualifications are set by the Type Commander's instructions and each TYCOM will have oversight of their programs

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