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Well, my family is still adjusting to the news we got about an hour ago.  Our son, who started boot camp Dec 9, in an 800 division, just called to say he is being sent home due to failed depth perception testing.  I didn't talk to him (my wife did at her work) so I don't know the specific term he used (medical discharge, failed boot camp, whatever).  He said he will remain in Great Lakes for 3-5 weeks "doing nothing" (his words).  He said he thinks he'll be able to call us every other day or so.  We are notifying the rest of our family now.

My wife and I are at a complete loss on what happens next.  This is all he has ever dreamed of doing.  My wife said he mentioned still receiving some Navy benefits, no idea what that means.  I can't believe after a year of training in the DEP, and having his choice of a SEAL or SWCC contract, that after just 2 weeks at RTC it is all over.  

If anyone has ANY experience with anything like this, I would really appreciate hearing from you.  

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Lanny, so sorry to hear this. Follow this link as you may find some of this information useful. Above all, get him to sign a medical HIPPA waiver so that they can speak to you about his medical issue. There still may be a way for him to go back with a doctors waiver. Pay particular attention to his RE code. You will find a chart in this group. Good luck.

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