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Just wanting to say to all Father's on this site have the best day ever, relax and have no worries. you dads r the best.
And to those dad serving our country may God watch over each and everyone of you. We are so proud of you! Yoo Hoo Go Navy

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Thanks Tamie, I do hope to relax. I'm wondering if my family is sending me on a vacation somewhere alone for fathers day? That would be the only way for some R&R. LOL I too hope all the dads have a wonderful fathers day.
Happy Father's Day to all Navy Dads! Have a wonderful day! God Bless You and God Bless Our Troops! ooohra

Thanks to everyone who has posted to this Forum.

I would like to also say Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers, Grandfathers, Fathers to be and all the Great Grandfathers.

I am Proud to be able to talk with and share info with these Great Men who have raised and supported the Fine Young Men and Women who are helping to keep this Country Free so we can communitate freely in areas like this and support each other.

HooYah all you Fine Men.
Happy Father's Day to all the Dads. Have a great day!!!!
I also would like to add my wishes for a great athers day to all my fellow dads out there.
Fair Winds and Following Seas
Thanks to all for posting here and back at you! Happy Fathers Day to dads of all generations. As for me, my boys are joining me for a little barbecue, we'll say a prayer for Holly at GL, and then I'm grabbing my camera and it's off for a shoot at the local wetlands hiking trail. Best to all.
I wanted to take a moment and wish you all a very special Father's Day! As the result of the character you instilled into your sons and daughters, they have become the awesome, special, brave, skilled men and woman we are all proud of. Your efforts as great fathers shine though them. Your love for them is no less than a mother's, just different; strong, silent with steadfast perseverance, always caring with a love deep within us rarely shown as we check our emotions, but there never the less. You should enjoy the love and respect coming back to you on this special day, for you have more than earned it! Enjoy your Father's Day!
I mirror what Brad said...each of you have been instrumental in raising this amazing generation of sailors populating the US Navy. Without the values and ideals that you instilled in these men and women we would not have the heroes that serve and that we call our sons and daughters. I spoke with both of my sailors today and I could not be prouder of the honor they display as sailors in the United States Navy. Have a great day everyone!

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