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....Hi folks....My daughter has completed A school and has been on hold for the last 6 weeks. She excelled in Basic and her A School. She came home for the holidays and has been suffering from extreme homesickness since her return. She is not sleeping well and is feeling really anxious. I've tried to reassure her that it is a normal response to having her life changed completely. Any advice from those who have gone through this with their sailors?

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Thanks Jim...just feel helpless as a dad! I'll pass your suggestions along.....


Mine will be going through the same thing soon. More, I've personally gone through it myself. Temporary Assigned Duty really sucks.

I suspect that she'll do a lot better once she's assigned to a permanent duty station where there is a demanding daily routine and where the friendships you establish are longer lasting. Believe it or not, there will come a point where being away from the Navy is the culture shock.

   She talked to the Chaplain and got some much needed reassurance! She worked out  and then spent the day destroying old evidence for NCIS.....she sounds better...but I'm worried about her....just want her to get back in a training cycle and busy...the rest will take care of itself...I hope!

it goes back to at lease the 12th century, but the old saying " idle hands are the devil's workshop" hold true.....the more she does and the busier she is the less time she'll have to dwell on things like home.....

Amen...Paul...I think that she will be classing up by the end of the month...and will have her hands full...just have to get her to that point with support from Mom and Dad and her shipmates....Sometimes I think that it is just as hard a job at home as it is on base......!

That's one of the main reasons for NavyDads!!!  Navy, make that military parents in general, serve just as their offspring do and often us dads need info and support just as much as moms do!!!  The transitions between bootcamp and A-school, C-school and the fleet are tough...from a world where it is go-go-go for many hours a day to waiting and back again are trying times for all. 

Make no mistake...this site has gotten me to this point with the info and support of fellow members. I've tried to return the favor whenever I was just my time to draw on it. I will pass it forward when I can....and thanks to everyone for your help and support...:)

....classed up as of Monday....moving in a positive direction again!!!


...just a followup....You folks were "deadon"! My daughter is finishing week 2 of ECS and it is like talking to a completely different person. I can sense the return of her enthusiasm as the pace picked up again. She is counting the days until graduation (2/17) and heading off to Portsmouth, Va. Thanks for everyone's support!

My son has been in the Navy, 2 years, 4 months and served as a ceremonial Guard at Arlington after leaving Boot Camp My question is he is about to Graduate from A school in Chicago as a GM. Is there a formal graduation ceremony 2.21.14 for this position before he moves to ECS?

All those feelings are really a common period for sailors, especially for anyone in a hold status for that length of time.  Also, the first and, sometimes, the second time home is usually the toughest to leave friends and family behind.  It really will get easier!  She has been going through the hardest period of her enlistment. This training period is nothing like the "fleet" that she has been told about, but she will get there.  A parent's words of encouragement will always be appreciated.


Master Chief Petty Officer, Retired

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