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My daughter had to get a release for childhood asthma before going in and she was accepted w/ no problems. Now my son has run into a different issue. He was getting a clearance from our family doc for ADHD (hasn't used meds in years) and the doc thought he heard an odd beat but couldn't be sure. The referral found no problems but they ordered an echocardiogram. The echo came back as normal with the exception of "Elevated right atrial pressure". Our doc doesn't seem to think it's a major issue but he won't give him an approval letter to cover himself. Aaron is turning the echo report in to the Navy doc's and we're waiting to see if he's going to be excluded from service. Has anyone out there run into this type of issue? Does he stand a chance of getting in or is time for him to shift gears? He wanted to go MAA and then pursue a law enforcement career and now he's afraid his whole future is in doubt.

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