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Navy Dads will be opening a store this coming Spring! The name of the store will be I previously offered shirts and gifts through Cafe Press on the site but will no longer offer them because of a list of issues.

1. Cafe Press is a company that anyone can upload their own images and sell at no cost to them.
2. Prices are to high ( Cafe Press set a high price on their items) I can do them at a much lower cost, in turn will be able to offer them at more affordable prices.
3. The quality of their products could be much better for the price.
4. I have no control over the inspection of how the product looks before it ships out.

This was a temporary way to offer logo shirts and such at no cost to me. But I feel the best way to do something right is to do it yourself. That is why I'm starting my own store because my name and this site (Navy Dads) which I created is accountable for the product quality and customer's satisfaction of merchandise sold. It is also a direct reflection of my integrity and character.

This site runs at a cost each month to me so offering Navy products for sell will help pay the bills and make this site bigger and better in days ahead . People have so generously offered to donate money to this site in the past and I'm thankful they are so willing to help. I have told them all "the day I ask for a donation on this site is because it will go 100% back to the Sailors. My intentions are pure. I want to make an honest buck like everybody else. I will start the store small with a few products and a percentage of the profits will go to a fund to help Sailors.

Now I would like your input on what are the needs of the store. I plan on starting with one or two shirts, hat, ribbon magnet, etc. I want to keep my cost low in starting so I'm wondering what our members are willing to spend their hard earned dollars on. Below is a magnet idea I have that will sell for 5 to 6 dollars a magnet. Will people buy this? I have taken the magnet off because I cannot use the Navy Emblem on it. This company was in the wrong. I will post the new magnet soon.

I've also thought of a hat or visor that just has Navy embroidered on it. A shirt that has Navy on it or more detailed. Logo shirts that will be at a cost of around 10 dollars. The Navy flag is another product I thought of offering. I'm looking for every one's input on ideas of things us parents would like to see offered. Sorry for being so long winded and all the support everyone has given me.
Sincerely, EG

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The whole on-line store is a great idea. I'll second the coffee mugs (regular and insulated travel mugs), after all, coffee is a food group. Golf hats, visors, and polo's with the Navy Dad's and/or US Navy logo's would be great. Pins/buttons are also an excellent idea. Especially if they could made available with our kid's specialty on them.
Well, I just wanted everyone to know that the first two shirt designs are being printed this coming Monday. I'm in the process of building the Navy Outfitters website as we speak. Ugh! another one. If we have a web designer in here, please call! LOL So it's getting closer to being a reality. I plan to open the store with a couple logo t shirts and a few t shirts for our Sailors along with the Navy flag. As these shirts sell and I know that I haven't wasted money the most popular designs will go on huggers, coffee cups, hoodies, etc. The store will start small and gradually grow just as this site has. I want to thank everyone for their input on store products and hope soon they will all be available on

Thanks again for everyone's participation and keep those great ideas coming.
Sincerely, EG
Any news on t-shirts and other items for the store. If you need any help let me know we use some local folks in St. Louis to print T-shirts for the Vietnams Vets Motorcycle Club, we also have some one who does laser printing and carving on wood and I made a contact for laser engraved sunglasses. Let me know if this will help get things moving and we can talk on the phone about it. Reasonable prices on everything, this helps our club raise money for different events.
In my opinion, I think the LOGO looks great.

Navydads Creator said:
Gary this is a rough sketch of a shirt. It is not perfect just a drawing I've done. I'm sure it will change some. I'm thinking of the colors being like an old world map. Any input or ideas from anyone would be much appreciated.

Gary F said:
EG, have you decided on a logo for NAVY DAD'S? Do you have ideas for which direction you wish to take.? May I suggest any logo have the words NAVY DAD'S to be bold and prominently displayed. I have another idea I am working on. Will discuss it when the proper contacts can be made. May be beneficial for your business.
Hey, This is Cindy, EG's wife as you all know the store is almost ready we have 3 of the thsirts in and I am trying to do one for the moms bc we have gotten lots of them Yeah! I have the image I just wanted to know if anyone has a preference of color white?black?pink? I like it in white but it is all new. Thanks Cindy
I have a lady that could do the shirts, hats, visors, and what ever else you want with quality and great pricing. She does all my embroidary and printing for my business and does a great job, let me know if you are interested I would love to get involved in helping you with the merchandise.

Can we get some pics of the shirts before we start talking multiple colors? Like what the logo looks like and front /back design. I think the biggest deciding factor is going to be what color the print is will decide the color of the shirt. you will want something that stands out in a crowd but at the same time you want a print clor that will go with any color of shirt. If you start making multiple print colors right off the bat you are going to run into more cost at the screen printers and in turn drive up the cost of the shirt so as to offset it.
Cindy might I direct you to a webpage that has alot of shirts on it. It is a restraunt/bar here at one of the universities in Oklahoma. they have a wide range of colors for tshirts that has the company logo on them front and back. might give you some ideas as to what you might be looking for.,98.htmlgive this a look and see what you think.
Yes, I'll post pics of the three shirts that I have tomorrow in here. I think all three have come out great. They will sell for $15. My goal is for someone to be able to buy a shirt and have it shipped for a twenty dollar bill at most. The more graphic and colors in the design makes the price per shirt go up but I'm sticking with 15 and not passing along that up charge. It's not about the profit but just a little to pay for this site to continue growing and maybe one day to advertise it. Also they will be quality shirts that will last. I've been wearing them and washing them for about three weeks now and they are holding up great. If all go's well the store will be up in about a week. Cross your fingers everyone. It will launch without all the products because it is a nightmare doing this. LOL I'll also sell the 2x3 nylon Navy flag for a cheaper price than I paid for mine. But they have not come in yet. Most retailer's are greedy. No offense to them. Also huggers have not made it in yet. We are also doing a blanket with Navy embroidered on it for our Sailors on their ships. They have itchy wool blankets, so we are going to sell a much more comfortable blanket that you will be able to send to your Sailor. You will be able to customize it with whatever you like. For example, we will add our Sailors name a ship name on the blanket too. Many more items will come in time if products sell.

Thanks to everyone for the ideas and support for this new business adventure Cindy and I are on. Don't forget to check back tomorrow night, I should have pics of the shirts I do have in on here.
How much longer for I'm ready to shop & my wife is more than ready. Is Cafe Press the only outlet at this time?
Duh... I should have read the replies before I sent this. I be standing by..
The store is open! Finally! HooYah!

Thank you every one for the input and ideas. Many more of the items we have requested in here will be coming soon. Figured I'd start with what I already had in. This has been crazy starting this business and getting it going. So, Go Ahead! Get a Logo Tee!

I still want members to use this forum to request other items for the future and to provide feedback on items purchased. If you're not happy with your purchases, you all know where you can find me, On Navy Dads.

Thanks again, EG
I think this is great!! I've been waiting, and I have a question. I hope I'm in the right place to post this. A couple of months ago--right after I joined NFMs--I was zooming around here and there, and came upon a great selection of t shirts pertaining to ships--carriers, destroyers, etc. They came in white or grey, and had beautiful pictures of the particular ship on the back, and I *think* the Navy Logo on the front. These weren't just the names on the backs--they were the actual pictures of the ships on the water--the real McCoy. I know I did not imagine seeing one for the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63. My son served on that carrier several years ago, and I would love to have that shirt. When I went back, I couldn't find the t's. Could someone tell me where to look, or might you be carrying these in the future?

Thank you :)

Great site and I am looking forward to seeing more merchandise in the future. I like the NAVY T-Shirt and will order one soon. Thanks again....Tom

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