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By now most have heard about the changes the Navy is making to the ratings system.

Hope to be able to update everyone with the plan as it unfolds.....

I'll start with this image...kinda explains the plan but does not have implementation dates but does give a rough timeline.

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So why are so many opposed to it?

good freaking question.........

Brad said:

So why are so many opposed to it?

Also, will this make it tougher or easier to gain promotion? I wonder if it'll be more comprehensive or more generalized? 

Q. Has does this change affect correspondence, FITREPs / Evals, awards, etc.?

Until we update our policies and IT infrastructure, there will be no immediate changes reflected in FITREPs and Evals. However, for written correspondence (letters, memos, etc.) and awards, Sailors will be addressed as Seaman, Petty Officer Third/Second/First Class as appropriate, and Chief, Senior Chief, Master Chief Petty Officer depending on their paygrade.

Q. How will any changes affect rating exams and Sailors’ advancement?

There will be no immediate changes to rating exams or the advancement process at this time. It may take some time before we make these types of changes, but you will receive plenty of notification in advance so you can properly prepare for any type of new advancement exam.

that's about all they will say right now

and not sure how this all fits in there:

Looks like that only pertains to officers. 

My observation is that most vets lead the charge opposing it. I'm not a veteran but I defer to them in cases like this. Many comments it's about PC and throws away alot of history. I asked my sailor about it, she wasn't 100% sure but she did say it seems like just about everybody she works with dislikes the changes proposed. 

Brad said:

So why are so many opposed to it?

I think it boils down to tradition and pride.  Most people naturally are leery of workplace changes.

I encourage concentrating on the positives.  For example they say they are committed to providing training that will help in the sailor's transition to civilian life.  And if you can improve your civilian employability through classes and cross training, I'm all for that!

Brad said:

So why are so many opposed to it?

I have heard that this idea has been scrapped. It was just a PC push from a liberal administration.

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