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Hello everyone. I joined Navy Dads a few days ago and finally got a few free moments to post something up. My youngest has been in boot camp for a couple of weeks now and is supposed to graduate on 12/6. My wife and I are extremely proud of his decision to join the Navy and the self-discipline he's shown to prepare himself. I'm looking forward to learning more about the Navy from NavyDads.

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the best thing to do is to click things and explore links......if you have questions, be sure to ask!

6 Basic and Essential Rules for Bootcamp:
-Do what you are told to do
-Do it immediately
-Pay attention to detail
-Speak when spoken to...otherwise keep your mouth shut
-Help your shipmates succeed
-Don't take it personally- it's part of the process

See what Boot Camp is like- yeah there's some "tough love" the first couple of weeks.....

have him go thru this guide as well-

Have you received the formal letter stating PIR date, mailing address, ship and division yet?

We thought our son would be in the December 6th PIR, but P-days went a little longer than we thought and he is now the 13th!

Either way, good luck to you and your son!

Apologies for taking so long to respond. Between work and a never-ending list of things that need immediate attention, I haven't had much time check in.

We received the letter a couple of weeks ago. Knowing that nothing is ever entirely set in stone when it comes to these things, I paid a bit more to make sure I could cancel or change the reservations without any penalty just in case. :)

Good luck with your son as well.

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