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Well I thought I was one hot mess yesterday....turns out today was worse! Got a call from his dad saying that Joey called him today which I find very strange. Our first call was when he got there safe (the scripted 15 second call) and he said he'd call in about 3 weeks. He is only there since the 22nd of April.(just under 2 weeks) It was a fast call him saying how much he missed and loved us. He said he hurt his knee in BC but his dad said it didn't sound like much of an emergency. He's one tough kid and very athletic so I can't imagine how this happened or how bad his knee actually is. He did say that he should be able to write to us soon. Now I don't know if this is "the letter" with the PIR date or what. He said his PIR date was tentative on June 13th but could be later depending I am assuming because of the knee injury. Everyone I have became friend with on N4M's who's SR's left the same day already received their "kids in a box" and "the letter". I am still waiting. I am also concerned with how these other parents got their boxes and letters with a PIR date of June 20th and I haven't received anything about Joey's tentative date on the 13th because it is sooner. I feel so helpless right now. I want to call him or anybody to find out how bad his knee is. He did say he still wants to do this but can't wait til BC is over. That being said just makes me cry. I don't know what to think??? Is it too much for him to handle? stuff like that. He's done his research and watched all the video's on BC and told me "yes Mom I know I can do this? Does anyone know where I can find out how my son is? Is this normal? Will his PIR date be later? Good God I have so many questions and don't know if I am coming or going. If anyone can help me with all this I'd greatly appreciate it.

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You might not like the response here, but we try to tell it like it is.  His tentative PIR date will be in the form letter- it is up to him to get the date to you and keep you informed if the date changes.  He is the one that enlisted so you have to take a breath and realize that he's a big boy and that the Navy is taking care of him now- there is nothing you can do about it and unless it is an emergency, there is no way for you to contact him save for snail-mail.  Of course his address is in the form letter as well. Best you can do do is to say "he's a big boy, no news is good news, and that the Navy is taking care of him now" and go about your life and start to plan for PIR.  Advise you contact his dad and see if your son sent him the form letter with PIR info and address.

Thanks Paul and I appreciate your words and advise.  As far as his dad he says he hasn't received any no news is good Ill go on that.  Hopefully I will get the letter sometime early this week so I can start to make arrangements for his PIR.  FYI I don't expect anything other that you telling me like it is.  I need to be informed.  

There are many different reasons why some parents get info or even phone calls and others don't. As Paul said, no news IS good news. 

Just know the first three weeks are the toughest. 


Our son PIR'd in March and from I've read and been told, if his injury is serious enough to warrant a delay in his PIR date or another change in plans, you would be getting notified. I'd go with the 'no news is good news' idea.


This is a stressful time for parents because for so many of us, it's the first time in ours and our child's lives where communications are almost non-existent for such a significant period of time. If he's tough and athletic, he'll be fine. My son was in the 800 division (special ops), which is tougher than 100 divisions and actually enjoyed boot camp.


Don't get yourself too worked up, things will be okay and the 8 weeks or so will fly by. After that, he'll have a cell phone and all will be right again. :) And do not miss PIR. When that giant door rolls up and you spot your son marching in, you'll have a feeling of pride you may have never experienced previously.

Brad it's all just so insane.  Many I have talked to have received everything even the ones that have a later PIR date.  I finally received his ship, division and PIR date from his recruiter. Even got a letter last Thursday.  He said in the letter that he had sent the "official form letter" and hoped I had received it but I haven't as yet. Emailed his recruiter this morning and haven't heard back from him.  I did have a great unexpected 31 second phone call last night wishing me a Happy Mothers Day and that he loved and missed me.  Call was so short but it was so great to hear his voice.  He sounded ok and didn't mention his knee injury.  Hoping he received my letters and praying to receive another from him soon.  Alot of other mothers are questioning about this form letter and the gate pass that we need to get into the Navy lodge and the graduation.  Hearing so many that haven't yet received.  Just find it strange that others that are graduating later already received theirs.  Patiently waiting....maybe news is good news.....just praying this all works itself through and that everything will turn out ok.  FYI already booked hotel/air for his PIR.  Just hoping nothing pushes it up or changes like his division. 

Sean I long for that day at PIR.  Just typing this and thinking about it brings tears of joy ....which will turn into puddles soon I am sure.  Yes he is very athletic and always bounced right back up without any problems.  Going on the no news is good news.....hoping to get another letter soon and as I got an unexpected 31 second phone call last night for Mothers day.  He sounded good....but rushed.  I really have no idea what each division means.  Joey is in 201 exactly what that means ....I have no idea.  Other SR who are in that division are going for different jobs so Im sure that isnt it.  Thanks for the advise .

God Bless are Sailors and this site .....don't know what I'd do without my support groups on here.  

God Speed!

Lady Rocker,

     Might I add some to what replies you have gotten on this thread so far? Small breakdown of some of the info posted here so far so that you have a better understanding. From the top: Usually Basic or Boot camp last for 8 weeks from the Monday after your SR (Seaman Recruit) leaves for Great Mistakes (Great Lakes nick name given by sailors). Each Sailor is put in a division not by their rate but by what the Navy needs as far as that rate at a certain time to hit the Fleet so as to not flood 1 rate and not have any other rates fulfilled.

     For the most part there is 4 different Division/Training group types. There are the 900 Divisions, The 800 Divisions, The 101 through 799 Divisions and the Push Divisions. Each week there is a Training group number with usually 7-9 divisions in each group with 80 -90 SR's in each. The 900 Divisions are the performing divisions (Bands and special Marching Squads). The 800 Divisions (These are the bad boys) are designated for Special forces divisions (Seals, SWCC & AIRR). The 101 -799 divisions are just a way to keep up with the rest of the SR's in divisions for the weekly Training groups. The push divisions are the divisions that their training or P.I.R.'s fall around Christmas and they are essentially pushed to get them out before the holidays. 

     After 6 years of my son being inn the Navy one thing that my wife and I have come to realize is that the family no longer has any pull with our Sailor like we used to. Now it is strictly "The Needs of the Navy" as to when he & his family can come home and stay for a while. As far as the no news is good news saying goes, this is something you will come to live by when your sailor gets into the fleet and sent on Deployments. Yes this is kind of a blunt overview but as Paul said earlier there's no sugar coating on the Navydads site, We tell it like it is.  

     I hope this helps you out some and makes this time of uneasiness for you a little less stressful. In just a few short weeks you will be holding your Sailor in your arms and he will be completely changed from the young boy that you seen walk out of the M.E.P.S. station on the last day that you seen him. He will be Standing tall, Saying yes ma'am and no ma'am, constantly checking his whites, Pulling off his cover as he walks indoors, Rolling his rain jacket and stowing it away under his arm and all sorts of things that you could never imagine that he would be doing.

     Hang in there Mom us dads would never steer you wrong in this matter. Before you know it you will be walking with that perfect young gentleman that you always dreamed of. Keep us posted and if you have any more questions feel free to ask them on this thread so that we can all help in any way we can.        Tim 

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