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My son is 4 weeks into basic. He is doing great and is very passionate about what he is doing. Finally received a call from him Saturday night. It was great to hear his voice. He said he was doing good but had some concerns about the rest of the div. Apparently there are some knuckle heads in his div that don't get it and are causing problems. 

The whole div was threatened to be OSMO'd if things didn't pick up. My question is what is OSMO, I think I have a good idea what it is, and will they really do that to the group as a whole and not just punish the trouble makers? It would be devastating to him if he was set back because of others who don't want to be there. Is this just a threat tactic or will they really do it?

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ASMO or ASMO'd -  Assignment Memorandum Orders. Mostly issued in boot camp to set a recruit back in training due to poor performance

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