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Hi, I recieved a phone call from my daughter's recruiter saying they had a HM position open and that he was calling to hold it for her. The only catch was that she needed to be at MEPS the following morning. No big deal and she was there. When she was signing up they told her they had no HM positions available and she signed up for PACT. I'm reading some bad stories online about it. Anyone have an experience about a recruiter saying he held a job and then this happens? I know she scored low on the ASVAB (45). Any ideas on if we should push the issue to get her job changed?

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read up a little on PACT- it is NOT a bad thing!

Pushing for other jobs is not so easy as there few billets available these days for that kind of ASVAB score.....

Thanks for the info!

I'm reading up while I reply to your message.

Did the recruiter do something wrong to say he had a job lined up yet it was not available the following day? I would hope he wasn't lying to me so he could meet his quota.

Can she still retake the ASVAB to attempt to score higher?

She should be able to, but may have to wait a certain time before doing so.  All always have the option to talk to a different recruiter......

IF the recruiter in charge does not handle it, you need to ask for the Zone Supervisor, if nothing happens there, the next one you should ask and speak to is the Assistant Chief Recruiter, then the Chief Recruiter. IF all that fails, then my next step would be to contact the Commanding Officer. I would wait no more than 1-2 days between contacts (ZS, ACR, CR).
I can tell you that the last thing a recruiter wants (or needs) is negative attention.
If for some reason you have a hard time locating the Commanding Officer's contact information, you should be able to type in your area and "navy recruiting" and should find the homepage for the NRD you are in.

Thanks. She went to the MEPS station and took ASVAB at the end of Feb. She didn't sign up at that time due to not having a HM position open. The recruiter we are talking to is the Chief Petty Officer Recruiting supervisor. He is the individual who called me on Thursday saying she needed to be in MEPS for Friday morning. I will reach out to him Monday too. If I am unsatisified with his response who do I bring up to next? He is in charge of our local recruiting station. My daughter is 17, graduating from high school in May, and has orders for July 13th.
I appreciate it. I just want to ensure she enjoys the navy. I see the horror stories of PACT (painting, chipping, etc)

no matter what she will have times she will hate the's the way it is.  If she does go PACT it is a chance for her to prove do the best she can in a less than optimal situation.  Yeah it may suc for awhile.

 My son went Air Pact, he has gotten screwed over. He struck AD and they haven't sent him to A school or C school. He was told needs of the Navy. He was an E3 when he went in and he keeps testing for AD but has never been to a formal school so it has been kinda hard for him to pass a test if all he has is books but never been around his actual job. He is not alone either, he works with others on the same ship. He was told that after 2 years, he filled out his PRD forms to transfer to another command and that he would be going a technical school for AD after his ship arrived back from deployment, 2 weeks before due back from deployment he was told that he had to stay aboard the USS Boxer and would not be attending a technical school and would stay aboard the USS Boxer until his current enlistment is up, Needs of the Navy came before my son. 

 My son was also promised that he would be able to get implants for his teeth, but his command dropped the ball with that also.

My stepson is also undesignated S-Pact and an E-3, graduated PIR in October, he is trying to strike out for RP, he was told at that time no positions were available.  His ship, Mesa Verde, is currently in dry dock so he does a lot of paint scrapping and painting, he mentioned that he has shipmates that have been undesignated for 3 yrs.  He has told his mother recently that there were some RP positions available but at least 75 put in for 10 slots. My thoughts are old school and maybe doing the grunt work at the beginning makes for a better sailor when they get the rate they want. 

Unfortunately nothing has changed in 30 years since I was in. The guys, and gals who are undesignated and in one of the PACT programs do seem to get the runaround and it is difficult to get the rate you want or strike for.  They have always gotten the grunt jobs, been the ones who are sent TAD (Temporary Assigned Duty) to the mess decks, deck department or to any number of other crappy jobs.  And unfortunately they also seem to be looked down at as well.  I always felt sorry for those guys because it was sometimes a long, hard road to get the rate and schooling they wanted.  The needs of the Navy do come first and once you're in that program you are completely at the Navy's mercy.  You want to have your future in your hands and not to be waiting and hoping for for an opening that may never be available.  My son considered one of those programs before he joined and I told him he would be crazy to get into one of them.  They make it sound like a good, hands on learning experience and opportunity but it's hard to get what you want once you're in the system.

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