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I really don't know what type of permission my fiancé will need for us to be married can anyone help? He will be graduating on September 7th and I'll be flying up to see. I'm scared to death about making a trip from Pensacola, Florida all the way to Great Lakes, Illinois alone but I am also excited to see him. I just don't know what we have to do to get married. We had originally planned to wait but I won't be allowed to stay with him during his schooling if we aren't. Can anyone give me any ideas? I'd be much obliged :)

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agree with that Jim....he has to concentrate on A-school and not a brand new wife.  How he does will determine much about what duty station he gets and his future.

I would suggest waiting until he gets to his first duty station would make things easier.. and by staying do you mean living with him? I have never heard of anyone living with their spouse while in A school they usually have to live in the barracks until they graduate.. I mean i can look into it tomorrow for you.. you shouldnt need any special permission to get married but be prepared for lots of paper work and running around!


Lance and I had originally planned to marry before he left for basic but he was shipped off early and it really has bothered me. I honestly don't want a military lifestyle. I'm so proud of him though. With his career choice I'll be away from him basically through the entire "sentence" so to speak and my brother along with my grandfathers and all seven out of eight uncles served or serves our country. I know he does need permission I just don't know who he must go to. I also know I will need an actual birth certificate and social security card to show I am who I am. He wants to be married before school so that while we're apart I can begin receiving separation pay and help him save up for everything we will need to start our own lives together. This fella has come a long way joining a great cause and he means the world to me. He has nothing to worry about during schooling because he's already been through four years of college. He's more worried I'll back out of marrying him than the studies sadly. He'll be staying in Illinois though which has me even more upset. I had hoped he'd be coming back closer to home but I should've known better. :/ thanks for the link Jim. I'm going to look at that :)

Hailey   Hell need a marriage chit. dont know how that works in RTC but i got married here in Pensacola when my wife came home for xmas leave from San Antonio. DOnt forget to get your dependent ID and have him enroll you in DEERS. If you come back to stay in Pensacola while he goes to training you can go to the navy hospital on hwy 98 and they can set you up witht deers and assign you to a family practice team. 

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